Wizard Product Review 3-10-12

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Craig Petty & David Penn, from www.worldmagicshop.com, take their regular look at some of the latest products from the world of magic. This weeks show: Drop …


EssexBoy696969 says:

@Matt Buckland quite difficult being an ‘Essex Locale’ when one resides in Warwickshire!

Matt Buckland says:

As I’m sure you are at… the used car lot? Sugarhut? /insert stereotypical Essex locale/

edmundteo2 says:

Can you please review Marked bicycle deck kit by magic makers? It looks cool….thank you 😀

eatonmagic says:


barts185 says:

Thanks for the reply. I just can’t imagine this looking anywhere near as good on a table which isn’t see-through.

eatonmagic says:

Of course, the record has been set straight in my lectures now. About 3 weeks after I released the DVD I had several emails informing me and several effects that used the same gimmick/method. Of course, in this business, this type of thing happens ALL the time.

eatonmagic says:

@EssexBoy696969 Thank you for the nice words on my coin-thru-glass and YES, you can do it without a glass table. In fact, one of the moves was created to vanish the last coin in my coins-thru-table routine (no glass version).

In regards to the ‘Rule of FIve’, I put this out back in 1998 unaware anything like it existed.

eatonmagic says:

@barts185 YES! You can do this with ANY table but the glass is the most visual. In fact, the method for vanishing the coin was created YEARS ago when I was looking for a way to vanish the last coin in my coin-thru-table (not glass) routine. It’s called the Ricochet Vanish and I put it out back in 1999.

eatonmagic says:

I’ve asked you this before but I was wondering where you’ve seen my effect specifically? I’m very curious because to my knowledge my method has NEVER been published. And BTW, I’m fully aware that the “coin-thru-table” concept is nothing new or groundbreaking but my method is TOTALLY different than others out there.

Dale Shrimpton says:

mind the monkey cuddling crotch thing Dave.. When they take over the world…… Jimmy Savile… thats all I’l say.:) 🙂

EssexBoy696969 says:

@Addy Krishnan Buy an expanded shell, a double faced copper/silver and a scotch & soda set to start with. Also, I’d recommended ‘The World’s Greatest’ series DVD’s that cover these 3 gaffed coins (and routines) in detail. The New York series are too advanced for a beginner. Also, if you buy Tango gaffed coins, they come with an excellent DVD for free!

Duncan Temple says:

Where the f@*k is Blammo, only reason I watch this!

yoman125 says:

Wonder worm idea: use the worm to search for the torn piece corner of spectator card. colour change the spectator card into green card(use a force 😉 when the worm step on it. Do a cannibal effect where the worm eat the corner of the card and the King of Spade is angry, so he ate the worm(vanish the worm) and inside the King of Spade there is the torn corner.

Frank Vomit says:

Get any of the New York City coin lecture DVDs, scotch and soda and hopping half is a good way to go if you like gimmicks and instant gratification also the bobo book is the best way it’ll take longer but well worth the pay off

TheUtubeusername13 says:

Hey WorldMagicShop, I was interested in getting a set of coin tricks. Which would you recommend?

sirbrad4 says:

He said Jack of Clubs not Hearts.

sirbrad4 says:

Blammo is on strike as they wer enot paying him enough biscuits.

Mr2badmice says:

Idea for wonder worm – Stick it in Tony Star’s eyeball or paint it flesh tones and use as a psychic penis. (not for kids parties)

barts185 says:

So you’re saying if someone knows NOTHING about cards, and buys the Multiple Card Revelation, it will take them through all the work necessary to get there? Or is it that if someone already knows what they are doing (and there’s already enough people out there doing things badly because they never learned the basics), that this will then let them move to the next level?

Dave Jones says:

Dave wasn’t a nice when I met him in real life, they say you should never meet your heroes. Made me sad but maybe one day he will prove me wrong……. I hope so

barts185 says:

When you say you can do Drop N anytime anywhere, do you mean anytime and anywhere that you happen to have a glass table? Or is it useable in other places?

Simon Hill says:

wheres the video gone? i want to watch this piece of shit

zzzbrabxxxtingling says:

that annoying feeling when you will get a teaser trailer at 27 mins but there’s 27 seconds of nothing :'(

Ken Dumm says:

Miss Blammo! Glad to hear you guys made up with Joe!

David Carli-Arnold says:

Craig and Titanis—-David and Goliath

epiphyticsab says:

Where is Blammo….on tour?

Chance Dagger says:

Definitely concerned about Blammo.

J Wong says:

Dave said jack of hearts when its the jack of clubs… start at 6:35

magicheed says:

Once again, all card magic (aside from some “knacky ” coin trick requiring a glass table top)! C’mon guys. Do some reviews on stage/parlor effects….something other than freaking cards!!!!

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