Weight Watchers Update & Product Review

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I wanted to start a weekly series with my weight loss and some products that have been helpful along the way. ↓Click Below For More↓ Connect with me! Instagr…


Mandy McDonald says:

Awesome video that was super helpful. I recently started shopping at
Aldi’s and they are amazing. I just started a more healthier lifestyle and
there are a lot of things I can’t have anymore but being Gluten free is
part of it. Thanks for the suggestions. Looking forward to more videos like

Tasha Hearts Life says:

I’m a fan of those chicken nuggets, too. 🙂 Do you all have a Brixx pizza?
I’m not sure how you figure up your points for restaurants, but they have
gluten free pizza crust and it taste soo good!! 

Jennifer Moore says:

Way to go with the weight loss! Maybe you can use those wraps for homemade
pizza…it can be the crust.

Natalie VanAllen says:

Are Gluten Free foods lower in carbs too? I’m trying to lower my carb
intake, and wondering if gluten free bread would be lower in carbs than
wheat bread.

Your videos are inspiring! Newly married and trying to keep the grocery
budget down. I need to check out the Aldi in my area!

policewifeandmom says:

Woo hoo on your weight loss! 

Twalk Da Hulk says:

Great vid, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist just on here
helping people out let me know if u need any help and ill help ya out 🙂
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VoluptuousLocks says:

Wanting to get back on WW again, and I was wondering did you ever consider
doing online vs going to group meeting? I’m really trying to decide which
would be better for me. Thanks for the videos… Love your channel!!!

fluffypinkpuss says:

well done on ur weight loss thats great 🙂 x

The Working Wife says:

Come watch my weight loss update! 

Teresa Baltazar says:

You are gonna do just great..Mom of 5

MsLulufin says:

Congrats on the weight loss!

Craft Corner with Esther C says:

Congratulations on the weight loss :)

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