VAT19: Auto Safety Master Opener – Product Review

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Jack tests out a 5 in 1 opener. His favorite new site is Be sure to “like” jack’s show page http


BuffaloxIIxudders says:


Natalie Smith says:

Ikr vat19 is awesome my parents think its stupid

nocturnallyinsane says:

Only guy I’ve seen who says, “I always hurt my nail…” geeze never knew a guy could care so much about his nails.

randomstuff4948 says:

same i have been a fan of vat19 for 2 years and a fan of jack for a year and a half and they come together like chocolate and strawberries

XxBOSSxXxKSAxX says:

blue it 

Hailey Zoller says:

I love Vat19!!! I have been a fan and costumer for a little over a year now! I have been wanting to get that opener for a while but your video, sold it for me!!! Love your videos!!

doggie1217 says:

please review more from vat19 i love that website

Anjani Gusman says:

So you got it for free????? AWESOMEEEE…. and who answered you is it Jamie?

wendalboy says:

wow something jack can actually use!!

GirlDreamer90210 says:

O.O you can use your hands to open cans?!

GirlDreamer90210 says:

Imagine how happy vat19 ‘s employees would be if they saw it 🙂
(sr for bad english)

pokelover66544 says:

i love vat 19

CupcakesRock108 says:

i find my starfrit can opener more handy.. i latch on the opener and i turn the nob, and i dont even need to use my fingers or a clippy thingy to take off the lid.. its already attached to the opener and i loosen the opener to dispose the lid!

shripadsrd says:

wtf? y dont u guys use ur fingers n hands?

お金 差し上げます says:

お金でお困りの方いらっしゃいませんか?いきなりの書き込み失礼致します。どなたかお金にお困りの方に現金5,000,000円をお譲りしたいと思っております。お困りの方のお力に少しでもなれればと思っております…。どなたか受け取ってはくれませんか?詳細等は、youtube内の動画検索で、【 お金差し上げます 】又は、【 五百万差し上げます 】で検索して頂ければ見て頂ける事ができます。どなた様でも構いません。ですが、書き込みが消えてしまう恐れがありますので、お早めのご連絡お待ちしております…

Andrew Parra says:

man if only I had money, Id buy out vat19! D: 

TYYK04 says:

Slippery hands or if it was really tight

Pacell says:

“And it goes flying across the kitchen! I love it!!!” XD

illiniguy399 says:

It is awesome, but why would somebody need a twist off bottle opener?

Wispful says:

Vat19 is as legit as it gets lol. Silly you doing a review ^_^

Kenneth Chan says:

A million things in one? 


Vat 19 has some curiously awesome items!!!

sebollastian says:

I bet if the product was from a TV thing Jack would’ve try really hard to mess up or complain

poopsicles50 says:

I love Vat19. Too bad I like in the UK the shipping is like woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. LOL but they’re youtube is so awesome 🙂

Sang Nguyen says:

You shood let them review ur souce

mienban01 says:

A+…..that reminds me

areyousayinimchunky says:

lol, i have a ring that opens beer bottles, i use a knife to open jars, i use a spoon to open cans and i use my teeth ot open screw cap bottles.

AlexNerfMods says:

Ive known about them since 2008!!!!

cutecindy101 says:

I didnt guess anything!!!

derliceas3 says:

ive been wtching vat 19 or ever bro im happy you found it though (yes i was watching before this video and comment )

cplova333 says:



o yh 

PopcornShowers says:

People with arthritis.

Noi610 says:

I love Vat 19 product…They Awesome…Try stem Citrus Spay for your review…

xxTeamxHarryxx says:

Me, too.

youlwoe says:

why is it that when someone sends free stuff it always gets good reviews.

ElectricThrowPillow says:

Same with me. I checked out the site and i ordered like 20 things. I used almost all my money but who cares!

ooloops says:

Maybe you should spend some time pointing your OCD at your grammar instead of YouTube videos?

Brianna Martinez says:



o cool

Brianna Martinez says:

Sometimes it gets sealed really tight


who needs help opening a hand open coke ….

chubbybunnyzz says:

oh and the reason vat19 has videos next to their products is becuz its the ones they uploaded to utube

chubbybunnyzz says:

Turducken!! AWESOME!!

stopanimationkat says:

you know vat19 has bin around for like… ever

junaidpc16 says:

vat19 = awsome thumbs up if you agree!!

MrCurdflappers says:

Vat19 is a boss

kyleiosnow says:

blue moon bottles are twist top

iitzJason says:

i think a lot of people have ..

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