The Garlic Grater – Product Review

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Jack Scalfani puts the Garlic Grater to the test to see if it’s as easy as it claims. Be sure to see his sauces at:


dimasramadhanable says:

you should´╗┐ check vat19 ­čÖé

TheJudge88 says:

What happen´╗┐ to the garlic press?

nightmarekiller32 says:

hello jack let me just tell you i love your cooking i enjoy watching your vids but i never make them lol but ya just wanted to tell you i´╗┐ like your vids

pajamagirl93 says:

Instead of a garlic grater, I use a garlic press. It doesn’t turn into paste´╗┐ like that (kinda turned me off) and it´╗┐ helps release a lot of the juices. It also works great on ginger. ­čÖé

philphy101 says:

its a simple product that´╗┐ does its job right.

NoamTube says:

If you’re looking to make shapes, just get a cookie cutter in the shape of a cat. You´╗┐ cut the dough with said cookie cutter and that’s pretty much it. Then you decorate it with frosting.

LottaTroublemaker says:

No need to peel the garlic, that is…´╗┐ ­čÖé

LottaTroublemaker says:

I just use a plane/rasp. No need to peel it. It works great for hard cheese as well. It is not one of the old fashioned rasps, it is a´╗┐ razor sharp, laser cut plane. Love it! And no need for 3 items to clean, just rinse off the plane under the tap or toss it in the dishwasher. Very easy to remove the garlic also, it’s all on the back of the plane. One downside though, the laser cut ones are quite expensive, but I think it’ll last me a lifetime, so…

pmk4343 says:

dint billy mays do´╗┐ one ?

thomas1637 says:


chelseastsaubfan1 says:

Isn’t´╗┐ it a Grater Plater???

KentsRice says:

jack do you´╗┐ know how to make a cookie like a cat or something like that if you know how to make any kind of cookie can you show it on your videos

allinoelle2323 says:

i need´╗┐ that!

junkyifacation says:


Wei Zhou says:

Well, it is a product review so that´╗┐ is not the point.

Wei Zhou says:


andrb92 says:

I used to sell these things. I know theses things so´╗┐ well.

larlar210 says:

I used to use those peeling tubes, until I realized it was easier to just cut the end off and the skin usually comes right off with it. That plus a $12 garlic press…my garlic is minced in half the time with half the work for half the cost. The only thing that even remotely redeems that thing is that it can be used to´╗┐ hard cheese and zesting.

Jurassicprince says:

Rest´╗┐ in peace, Billy Mays

LOLZHEHE21 says:

I love watching your videos and im´╗┐ 12 years old and I really like making food.

xOhLookItsAMYx says:

erm.. I can do the same thing´╗┐ with a smooth cutting board and a chefs knife… in no time at all ­čÖé

xOhLookItsAMYx says:


StaIIHawker says:

I got a garlic peeler tube´╗┐ frm ebay~
It didnt work as well maybe bcuz the ridges within the tube isnt enough to bruise the garlic.
Hated it~

TheANiMeCrAzY21 says:


lionslicer9999 says:

who said it was $25? It’s $6 for all 3 items he shows in the video. ´╗┐

CheesyYellowCrumbles says:


Hewhosmokeswomen says:

why not´╗┐ just get a garlic crusher?

codypg says:


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