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Genova Products 3″ Styrene 90 deg. Street Elbows Review

The Street Hawgs by Hawgs Wheels feature a minimal core & shape and Hawgs proprietary urethane formula. They come in three sizes: 57mm, 62mm, 67mm and up to three different durometers.

On the way to Zheng Zhou via the high-speed train, my daughter and I pop open a can of Nuts and Choco … AKA: Knock off Peanut M&Ms. Not bad for pastels.

Ice cream bars are extremely common in Xi’an and they come in a ton of varieties. Here’s a very quick look at some of the ice cream bar flavors they have in our local convenience store. http://ww…

Where is this candy bar from? I have no idea. I bought mine at a local Turkish restaurant. It’s built like a snickers, looks like a snickers, and tastes … like an old snickers.

Let’s check out this Toys R Us exclusive Play Set!