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Learn about the NRG Protein Powder Fat Free-Vanilla Naturade Products 30 oz. Powder here: https://shopping.buzztala.com/nrg_protein_powder_fat_free-vanilla_naturade_products_30_oz_powder/54efa1e7cc4bd064787b23e6

Here’s what you need to know about the on sale at Walmart:

• great tasting
• not too chalky
• dissolves well

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Product Review: Clear Smooth All in One Cake Powder

Oriental Princess Frangipani Perfume Talcum Powder 85 G. Thailand Product Review

DOLL SKIN FOUNDATION – Fast Review Simple Daily Makeup kali ni saya tak buat tutorial di youtube. Tapi saya buat pictorial sahaja. Sorry for the quality sbb video ni saya record by phone shj….

Remineralization Powder 1oz powder by Uncle Harry’s Natural Products Review


Remineralization Powder 1oz powder by Uncle Harry’s Natural Products

1oz powder

Country of origin: Usa

Please read all label information on delivery.

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Thank you all for supporting me by subscribing and commenting on my channel! I appreciate the time you all took to come and visit me 🙂 Anyways here is a review on the Revlon PhotoReady Powder Foundation ~ It works really well on my skin and I have acne prone skin/oily skin. It elimiates shine from my face but I keep it in my purse to touch up here and there. The powder doesn’t give me breakouts at all and I’ve been using it for 4 months now. I’m so happy with my purchase I went and bought another one hehe! It works just as well as the Napoleon Camera Finish Powder Foundation which retails at the store for AU $65. I bought my Revlon PhotoReady from Ebay for AU $23 and it retails in the stores for AU $38. That’s $14 off the usual price  So you can buy it from drugstores for the recommended retail price or go online and Ebay it for cheap. You can get it from here (if you have fair/light skin): cgi.ebay.com.au Or you can get the one I have from here: cgi.ebay.com.au They don’t have any powders in this range for darker skin =[ There is the NEW PhotoReady Compact one which is liquid foundation that turns into powder. I’ve got the medium/beige 250 one and it is totally crap! I do not recommend it. But if you want to see what I’m talking bout it’s this: cgi.ebay.com.au *TWITTER www.twitter.com/m3lmel *BLOGGER www.blogger.com FAQS: *UPDATED FOUNDATION ROUTINE & ABOUT MY SKIN VID www.youtube.com *SKINCARE ROUTINE www.youtube.com *MAKEUP ROUTINE www.youtube.com *UPDATED ARCHED