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How to Increase Info Product Sales Website Design Review Video

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Hello There,
This is Dennis Medler
I want to talk to you a little bit today about – Info Product Launchpad by David Deaton
But first, something about me, I am a real person and that is my picture. You can find me, Google “Dennis Medler”. I have been marketing online for over 5 years now. I have spent a lot of money (more than I care to think about) on the latest “New Shiny Object” that is supposed to give me the edge and make me money…Lots of Money! There are a lot of products released every day; some are good some are bad. Unfortunately, there are more bad than good. All these product are designed to take your money (your hard-eared money). They start with a standard price then if you don’t buy they offer you a downsell, some as low as $1. You think you are done; you’ve made your purchase, then you are taken to an upsell page where you are told in order for what you just purchased to work you need additional features that were not include in the initial sale. You want this to work so you buy the upsell. OK now you‘re done; paid for the upsell. Surprise, you are taken to another upsell page for more features or training they say you need. If you are like me, at this time you are thinking when does this Stop? Well they are not done yet! You really, really want this to work? NOW, they are offering a monthly membership where you can truly learn how to use the simple product you originally purchased. At this point you have committed hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a product you thought looked so easy to learn and use.

I am hoping my review can help you avoid some of the heartache I have been through.

Making money online is entirely possible. You can make a good living online. By the same token you can waste a lot of money too. Over 90% of these programs are worthless or outright scams. The problem is sifting through the garbage and the scams.

Today I will be talking about – Info Product Launchpad by David Deaton. I don’t see a lot of substance but promises to get you EASY Google Traffic. The problem there is that there is no EASY Google traffic. Marketing with Google takes a consistent effort and, you need to know what you are doing.

Why spend money to market online if you can do this for free. IPDN is a free marketing system that does not have downsells, upsells or even a membership; it costs you no money and will allow you to make a decent online income immediately.

Make sure you deal with a reputable payment processor as you don’t want to have any problems and be unable to accept payments for any amount of time. I know paypal will sometimes freeze your account if you get an influx of sales. This can put your business in jeopardy. Visit for More Details: http://productcreationgurus.com

Even is the product is crappy, which I hope it’s not, the right sales copy will still make people want to buy. The only problem is if they receive a crappy product they will request refunds. You don’t want to be dealing with a ton of refund requests. So make sure your sales letter is promoting something that people will truly want Visit for More Details: http://productcreationgurus.com

We as people are extremely emotional when it comes to certain topics. And when someone is emotional they are more likely to spend more money on a product Please Visit for More Details: http://productcreationgurus.com

Start making some serious money online!

Start making some serious money online!