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http://assistservices.com/reviews/disney-magical-world/ Almost everyone grew up with Disney, has been to one of their theme parks, seen a Disney film or is certainly aware of the name. So, it’s no wonder that anything related to Disney gets a lot of attention, from toys and novelty items to films and other media. Disney is even involved with the electronics industry and various gaming platforms. The latest is Disney Magical World, a Nintendo 3DS game that features dozens of the Disney characters we all grew up with and love. This Nintendo game is set against a backdrop of various worlds that have a distinct Disney theme or atmosphere. Expect to see the worlds and the characters that you’ve seen as a child, and with this game, you will definitely get up close and personal with them!
So what can you do with the Disney Magical World game? Players have the power to dictate how the Disney characters function in their respective settings. From the start, players can customize the characters by dressing them up, giving them distinct looks, assigning jobs or careers to them and having them perform certain tasks. Problems are bound to crop up, and players will solve these problems or perform specific tasks through the characters. In the course of the game, players will collect various items and Disney character cards.
True, Disney Magical World moves at a pace that is slower than most other 3DS games, but that’s where the beauty lies. It’s not action-packed or speed-motivated, but the variety of actions and activities, ranging from fishing and gardening to running a café and managing a business, are still very stimulating and engaging. The customizable properties of this game gives players a sense of power and control. You don’t normally find that in other games with a similar concept. It makes for a very stress-relieving gaming session, which will appeal to players of all ages. The challenges found in every stage of the gameplay are also worth looking forward to.
To summarize, Nintendo’s Disney Magical World lets players customize dozens of Disney characters and letting them survive and solve problems in various Disney-themed settings and worlds. We love that the characters are the familiar and favorite Disney characters that every kid knows and adores. It also allows players to virtually live in these Disney-themed worlds, doing things such as operating a café, finding food, finding clothing and furniture, completing various tasks and, all the while, collecting Happy Stickers. So, if you are going to introduce Nintendo type games to your kids at a young age, the best way to do it is with the Disney Magical World 3DS by Nintendo.
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