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How to Use Cutters & Embossers for Cupcake Decorating – Product Review Collaboration

http://assistservices.com/reviews/whipple-cupcake-set/ Young children are great imitators. They want to do the things we do. After all, that’s how they learn. But, when it comes to working or even helping in the kitchen, there certainly are limits. Hot stoves and many kitchen utensils are potential hazards, so baking things like cupcakes and other baked goods will have to wait. That does not mean, however, that they are completely banned from creating these sweet treats. They may not be able to bake on their own just yet, but they can get started with cupcake decoration. All you will need is the Whipple Cupcake Set, which will let children decorate 6 realistic looking cupcake creations! Designed for children 7 years old and above, the Whipple Cupcake Set is one fun activity set for your kids!
Each Whipple Cupcake Set contains 6 cupcakes in all – 3 large cupcakes and 3 small ones. It also has various decorations such as rhinestones, beads, chains, and practically everything you need to come up with amazing and realistic looking cupcakes. Of course, since this is a cupcake, there must be some creaminess involved, and that is where the included white whipple crème comes in. Using the bag with a decorator tip, decorating becomes quick and easy! To make things even easier, there is a lesson sheet included that kids can follow while decorating.
After creating using the Whipple Cupcake Set, the results are completely realistic, delightful and tasty-looking treats and desserts. Kids will definitely have fun decorating, and you will be surprised at how creative they can be while putting their decorating skills to use. Since everything is provided, kids can start decorating right out of the box. They won’t even need the help of their parents, since the kit includes all of the necessary items! The materials provided are safe to use, even for kids. The Whipple Cupcake Set is a fun party activity, because everyone can participate in the whole creative process.
To summarize, the Whipple Cupcake Set lets kids create the perfect dessert using various decorations, a piping bag, and white whipple crème to whip up those amazing fantasy cupcakes! The cupcakes created using this set look so realistic that it’s easy to see why kids aged 7 and up will have a blast designing and baking them! We like how it also allows easy wiping of the crème in case the little bakers make a mistake! The included Practice Sheet also helps a lot in honing kids’ decorative skills. So, who doesn’t love cupcakes? Certainly not you and your kids! The Whipple Cupcake Set is going to give the kids lots of hours creating, designing and just having fun!
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