Slushy Magic – Product Review

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Jack Jr. reviews the SLUSHY MAGIC product. Be sure to check out Jack’s sauces and his new BBQ aprons at


RClover16 says:

why do you ALWAYS wear your hats like that? its not 2002 anymore….

videoclip425 says:

It does. Put some in your freezer and try!

Battezu says:

Milk doesn’t freeze…

Riley Nicole says:

Okay, i just got this for my birthday and thanks(:
it just determined rather i open it or trade it.
Definetly keeping. 😀

ReiRaychelll says:

this kid needs some exercise, not a new way to consume copious amounts of sugar.

HeNrYn0705 says:

lol the new shake weight

jacobthriller1982 says:

I love your shirt Kid !!! i have a poster saying those words on a huge Cross its so kwl, God Bless!

pheonix1055 says:

if you put the cup with the cubes in it in the freezer it works much better!!!!!! the colder it is the slushier it gets

stormfly rider-astrid says:

it works

imparfaite says:

You have the best hat available to any human.  Go bucks! Your t-shirt is pretty awesome too. 🙂

Madameledietcoke says:

Why am I here? Is it still 2010? I’ve been on youtube for so long I just don’t know anymore…

Eric563ful says:

Like this comment, if you love pepsi. ♥♥♥

xSooKHoo says:

3:14 that was a wet one

EpikshadowProduction says:

Nice shirt

arianna corraliza says:

u can get it at walmart and the price is low

Angle Pan says:

Pleasssssssseeeeer tell me where to get it

Griffin Smith says:

its wat the kid said at the end

sweettarts1189 says:

my mom bought this at walmart the other night for my lil sis for $13 i think. it works ok. its best if u use a drink thats already cold.

Level84 says:

Watch then end of the video, then feel like a jackass.

matias7497 says:

a very lot…. 3:50

Davi Neild says:

They Nigga why did you click on the video? Can you not read or some shit?

TheTheRay says:

Yeah. Sure. Another 10 year old on youtube, trolling.

TheJP3372 says:

Vat19 Slush Mug is the way to go!

duffer108 says:

how is it watered down??? the cubes are plastic filled with a special liquid that can be reused

Dina Kay says:

My 9 year old bought this thing and I am sad to say she was VERY disappointed!! it did not work AT ALL!! She cried about wasting her $15. It SUCKS!!

alexgonzalez556 says:

@lpslifeisawesome295 Uh the vendor lied to you then they’re $20 I saw on tv but that’s without shipping so you still payed less

GracieRedd says:

Aweeee, he’s adorableeeeee

lpslifeisawesome295 says:

I got one for $22.00 at the LA fair like $10-$15 off good price im gonna try it this morning

Makayla Angle says:

Cool, I kinda want Slushie magic now!

diynstuff says:

any flavour you want! i’m getting one today and i’m gonna make a tang flavoured one. (australia doesn’t sell kool aid and tang is orange flavoured drink mix)

Elyaza Abdeltam says:

that can be a dishwasher

drago4971 says:

Obviously you don’t add water, but you have to shake and release the pressure(really the C02 buildup in the cup) and it makes the soda flat and makes the soda not taste as good because it has little to no C02 left in it and it just doesn’t have the same taste.

Animal11Boy says:

of coarse u can!, you can also make shit flavor too!

dannymalkani says:

of course the spoon works do you see any holes in it -.-

xXMaDnEsSXx5469 says:

is there a fridge in your laundry room?or a washing machine in your kitchen?

kaykaysnickerz126 says:

How in the hell is it watered down by this????? the cubes that you freeze are plastic with salt water inside. You don’t add water.

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