SLAP CHOP – Product Review

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Jack Scalfani reviews the Slap Chop product to see if it does what it claims to do. Be sure to subscribe to this channel and see Jack’s new channel:


EvanDoesGaming says:

Why would you grate cheese? Its the best in blocks.

Fallencrazy1 says:

The finest nuts ever…

Fallencrazy1 says:

I have a feeling this guy loves eating.

rtderdg dfhdryer says:

Finally, someone that actually SLAPS the slap chop.

mjc0961 says:

Then they must be a pretty shitty chef.

… You probably aren’t getting the joke here at all, are you?

mesahusa says:

0_o? all of their friends and families arent fat.

mjc0961 says:

Gotta give him credit for actually going back to do it right, though. Lots of people would say “oh, doesn’t work, thing’s a piece of shit” after doing it wrong.

mjc0961 says:

Indeed. Never trust a chef with skinny friends and family is more appropriate. :p

juanitajones44 says:

no more banking your nuts

Ethan Siegel says:

When every any guy gets a package they look at the instructions (Opens package) oh cool there are no instructions! i wasn’t gonna read them anyways. 1:09 HA HA HA HA HA!!!

Boltxmarksman says:

its a saying but i no wat u mean

ukchris93 says:

with the tomato skin up bro

theNVMEproject says:

Thought you were gonna go to work with that apple but…..

piglatin2 says:

I love my slap chop, we use it every day, several times a day. If I ever saw one on sale I would buy it just in case the one I have broke.

CartoonAwesomeMayhem says:

I mean hammer!

CartoonAwesomeMayhem says:

but I just pounded my nuts with a ammer!

IElRedI says:

Oh for god sakes. Gordan Ramsey didn’t have a single michelin star until he was already on TV. Didn’t know that did you? Say whatever you like but some of the best restaurants in London are famous for their food where as most of Gordan Ramsey’s restaurants are famous because of his name more than anything. Still haven’t answered my question either. Have you been to one of his restaurants?

mesahusa says:

oh? have you ever been to one? most chefs actually become famous BY getting michelin stars on their restuarants, not the other way around. also, do you really think that gordon ramsay will stay at ONE restuarant even though he owns 2 dozens, is on several shows, and has to save some time for his family? seriously, think before you answer -_-.

Nate0514 says:

Why do English people have such disgusting teeth? Why do Irish people drink so much? Why are all Japanese people so smart? Why are Middle Eastern women so ugly that they have to cover their faces? Why do all Canadians say “Eh”? Every country will have stereotypes, but that doesn’t mean they’re true. That’s why it’s called a stereotype and not a fact.

IElRedI says:

You ever been to one of those restraurants? Not only do they not cook there but some don’t have great reviews. Even those who judge michelin stars when giving them out can be influenced if you are famous/on tv and have a lot of food programs. They are bound to see one or two. Don’t make it out like just because they have michelin stars they are the god of cooking. Some of the best restraunts in London where I live are better than these lot.

mesahusa says:

oh? you dont believe that they own a shitload of michelin starred restuarants?

IElRedI says:

Even a lot of the crap they do is just for TV.

DeepestBlueJ says:

youre gonna love my nuts

brwneydgirl70 says:

Theyve been making these things forever I’ve had one for like 10 years we never use it though

flashbak2theyayo says:

preach haha

Movickrox says:

I heard they renamed this the”B*tch Slap Chop after Vince was arrested!

mesahusa says:

im pretty sure i trust gordon ramsay, jamie oliver, wolfgang puck, and heston blumenthal very much, and many ppl will agree.

K.C McLeod says:

that quote was from my chef

drago433 says:

lol why

faizal4655 says:

Hating losers

amplified29 says:

subscribed dude. You sir are a fukken chill guy.

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