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This is a review of the Banana Creme Cleanser and Honey Hair Mask by MYHoneyChild. Neither of these products were given to me for review. These are just my h…


CamilleElle says:

thank you :)

kcat200 says:

Your hair looks great

CamilleElle says:


theMANEtopic says:

The afro looks great mama!

CamilleElle says:

Thank you! 🙂

MrsWapoenje says:

You are so funny. I love your energy. Your FRO is awesome!!

BigHairCareBlog says:

Bonjour Camille ! Es tu francaise ?

CamilleElle says:

Thank you!!!

ladyredbone05 says:

I love your hair, and your energy…Thank you for the product review!!!

CamilleElle says:

Thank you!!! 🙂

safronparis77 says:

Your hair is beautiful!!

CamilleElle says:

Thank ya kindly!

maximuslyricus says:

Your hair is gaw-geous!!!

CamilleElle says:

No, I’ve never tried it! I use argan oil on my hair too, but not that brand. I’ll have to check it out!

AskVivi 1 says:

Can’t wait to try this! I’ve been using Pro Naturals moroccan argan oil on my curls so far, have you tried it? It’s a great conditioner

CamilleElle says:

That should be a smiley face ARIEL!

ooohtay says:

lol its easy doing it throughout school..feels like it goes by super fast plus my roommate transitioned for two years so she can help me out

Ariel Jones says:

you might look kind of pretty in this video =/

CamilleElle says:

Sure! It’s a pretty basic twist-out, but I’ll be glad to do a tutorial. 🙂

CamilleElle says:

2 years?! Wow! I struggled to make it to a year, so hats off to you! Lol

ooohtay says:

ooh yay thank you your hair is inspiring me to cut mine lol thats why I asked all those questions. I plan on transitioning for 2 years -_- im now in the 15th month so only 9 long months left but lately ive been thinking about 18 months instead because I’m tired of these two textures! But I dont blame you for blowing it out I will probably be doing the same because of shrinkage

allthingshair46 says:

Can you do a tutorial on how you got your hair that way. I love it!

CamilleElle says:

Thanks! I’ve been fully natural for 7 months (meaning post big chop), but I transitioned for a year before I chopped. Yes, this is on blown out hair. I am the queen of blowouts lol! I don’t really like wet twist-outs on my hair, so I always blow dry. I know that’s like a sin for naturals, but whatever… lol! I’m excited to see your big chop! When are you planning on doing it?

ooohtay says:

your hair is so cute it looks like it grew! how long have you been natural/how long did you transition? Also is this done on blown out hair? Sorry for all of my questions :/

CamilleElle says:


itslittlelambo . says:

Ya being cute again.

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