Product Review: Kryolan Tv Paint Stick Translucent Powder || Raji Osahn

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OPEN FOR MORE INFORMATION **** Watch in HD How to apply Kryolan Tv Paint Stick: * FACEBOOK: http://www.faceb…


Ga Ka says:

Is the kryolan stick good for dry skin or combination

Fox Network says:

I don’t care for all the sheen on her face, looks like oil slicks. 

Malika Batool says:

Where can I buy kryolan foundation stick from? I live in uk.. Please could
anyone here let me know. I’m desperately hunting for one! Thanks

nelly begum says:

I just wanted to know, for a an orange corrector could you use like a
orange concealer & mix it with another colour?

Thanks tc.Bwt loving your videos, keep them up :D

amystreet1976 says:

love your voice

Stella Patella says:

try weavesbywilma

Kayastha Iswor Lal says:

Pimples affected my life for a long time. It was so depressing that I tried
to shut myself away. I put to use all kinds of things I could get hold of,
however it failed. Subsequently I found out about the Acne Executioner blog
(Google it) and my cystic acne faded away. I actually quite like looking at
photographs of me for the first time ever.

MissSandyJ says:

Please do an updated skincare routine

rubina5455 says:

U look beautiful, prefer ur fringe to the side ,

Farrah Malik says:

I love using this with a damp beauty blender

tisafairytale says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH! you’re awesome 🙂

rucksana hussain says:

I have the fake “real technique” brushes too..!

Dolly Maria says:

Good to see you back! I missed your videos x

Zahra B says:

do a updated skincare routine plz.x

shakeenida says:

loveeeee yu fr the fact that ur the only makeup guru who reviews kryolan
products in detail…been hearing some amazing reviews abt the product…
jus one question.. there are so many different foundations in kryolan like
the supracolor, ultra fluid etc.. u being the makeup artist a foundation
palette will be useful.. but for a beginner to intermediate which one wud u
suggest?? is the liquid one good?? could u please do a review on it?? and
also more reviews on kryolan products puhleeeeze xo

A Kaur says:

Can u please tell me how u clean ur makeup brushes?

TheAisharashid1989 says:

Your hair looks fab!!

PixiePia12 says:

Just wanted to say can you possibly do a review on the mac studi fix fluid?

PixiePia12 says:

Hiya Raji,

nrama001 says:

Omg ur hair n makeup is gorggg in the beginning!

sara41851 says:

Raji can you please do a video on colour correcting for Asian skin tones I
have similar skin tone as you but whenever I put foundation and powder on
my skin looks kinda ashy :(, are there any products or techniques that you
might recommend for me to use? Thanks x

Kajal Kumari says:

Full fringe suits you so much! X

MrJovitageorge says:

u remind me of vj.anusha from Mtv India. SO prety! i used to do television,
n krylon stick foundations r the staples there! but it creases tho right?

Makeup with Raji says:

hey sure i can do x

Nivedita Sengupta says:

As per my knowledge goes.. TV Stick & Supra Colour palette are the same
thing.. The only difference is the quantity.. The product in the pans or
the stick is the same..

Kathleen Mia says:

No effence but lots of your clients always ask to make them fair when there
dark and it’s not your fault but on the end it doesn’t look natural and
they look bad this foundation isn’t good for making people pale

sanna ullah says:

can you do a room tour plz???????

Makeup with Raji says:

hey, i didnt realize how much of a mess my hair looked! lol im growing my
fringe out now, i wish i never got it cut! 🙁

A Kaur says:

Which town u moved in?

simarjeet kalsi says:

Loved this vid, can’t wait to see a tutorial on the hair. Have you tried
out super cover foundations? Do u recommend them? They are based in
Birmingham ?

gunnergirl bali says:

The hair at the end looked great. Please can you do a skincare tutorial for
eyes area. Thanks

Mevish Awan says:

where can i buy this stick from?

sheema kalam says:

Missed you 🙂

NARUMI MAKEUP (Official) says:

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