Pitbull Motorcycle Lifts Product Review

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The Pitbull Motorcycle Lift is the tallest, strongest portable Lift on the market with a Lifetime Warrenty.


PitbullBikerShop says:

Thank you for giving your brother such good advice! We hope the both of you enjoy your lifts for many years to come. We sure appreciate your business. Happy riding to you both from all of us here at Pitbull!

boogaloodood says:

I use my Pitbull weekly for cleaning and maintainance during the riding season, and my Road King is stored on it during the winter months. I rebuilt the top end on my motor last winter, and the fact that I can stand to work on my bike has made the difference between being able to work on it myself vs sending it out to the dealer. My brother cancelled his order for a competing jack and ordered a pitbull after seeing how high my lift picks up my bike. It’s the next best thing to a table lift.

PitbullBikerShop says:

Glad to see another happy customer. We do appreciate it .Thank you for your business.

MZBuckeye1 says:

I bought one of these from the guy in this video, Hutch. Super nice guy. I’d seen their demonstrations twice now and pulled the trigger this year at the Cleveland bike show. I’ve had my HD Ultra Classic sitting on it at full height ever since. Awesome lift, totally worth the money!

Ridgid says:

Great lift…love it for cleaning the bike.

OneThirtyEightMK says:

I wonder how he lost that arm O.O’

rlunderhill says:

I like the swivel feature. Shes pretty too.

Philscbx says:

These type of frame lifts are fine for light work of oil change and cleaning.
For rough duty where heavy tugging and pulling, you want a table lift or risk a crash.
I just took delivery of the K&L 650R Hydraulic complete system

okbye1 says:

what style makes working on bike easier, table lift or frame lift?

contributor34 says:

First time a television camera was put in my face, I turned into the most monodrone bumbling idiot. This guy warmed up to the camera and did a good job…she obviously is a pro.

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