Pancake Pen – Product Review

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Jack tests out the Pancake Pen. Watch and see what happens. Be sure to “Like” our facebook page: Click here for more product reviews:


ItzsButchyBitch says:

who follows recipies for pancakes…if the batter is too runny obviously you put more batter or use less water…

Battezu says:

My batter is wrong. Clearly I shouldn’t change anything and instead I should just complain.

ninjaduuude says:


Elliott5353 says:

you should use bisquick batter, instead!!!! it also tasts better

Jack Nett says:

wacky idea here but instead of going out and buying a pancake pen you could go to ur local save on or safeway and buy a waterbottle for a couple of dollars same thing diffrent name

fdsal0 says:

when he reviews this stuff he does what the box tells him

Anita Lu says:

Hey Jak, i know one person that takes a ranch or salad dressing squeezing thing. So it works perfectly.

goldenretluver93 says:

Lol.. put your batter in a ziploc bag and cut the tip.. if you really need your pancakes in shapes. Also, I hate box batter, blech.

Level84 says:

Logistics =/= Logic… just sayin.

FreeFall3D says:

Logistics is the management of the flow of resources, you mean logics I presume.

Super711boyswag says:

just use less water and have you ever tried putting vanilla in the pancake mix it taste alot better

mintvagoo says:

Unbelievable, this review was completely void of common sense.

GirtopolisArashiki says:

“I saw a video where somebody was doing the number one…the number two,” should we be concerned?

CupcakesRock108 says:

go to the dollar store and get those ketchup bottles… theyre much easier to use & control! thats how i do it anyways..

RoyalCaoCao says:

Pretty useless product. Why not use pour like usual.

eugelu11 says:

it’s runny because of the water

MrBsmable says:


hahaha91lol says:

and im 12 Lolz

hahaha91lol says:

lol misunderstanding much im asian lolz

MrBsmable says:

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TrowbridgeHardcore says:

anyone else hear the f word at 6 41

hahaha91lol says:

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MrBsmable says:

phahaha ok if you say so-I am sure you are just jealous,cause you cant have the same life in america 😉

hahaha91lol says:

nice cover for the children i know you’re gay

MrBsmable says:

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mrphotomanTIM says:

Bulgaria (Vulgaria) vulgar lmao. 3rd world, poor guy. No wonder you steal and travel around in an old caravan from town to town. Street performer I bet lol.

MrBsmable says:

Well your USA is the country with the biggest debt in the world.Greece has huge debt as well.I dont know.You tell me who the thieth is

mrphotomanTIM says:

Did you just pick pocket me? you people are always stealing!

Lliura says:

There’s so much ignorance coming from both sides of this argument. I can’t handle it.

wendalboy says:

lol i love the way he fucks everything up and still blames the thing he is reviewing!!! i do the same!!! fuck common sence blame an inanimate object!!!

MrBsmable says:

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EaGlEsFaNabc says:

why wouldnt you make it outside the pen?

yelton7 says:

user error!

yelton7 says:

I’d draw penis pancakes

butyfaice123 says:

I bought this and the only problem is you have to always use thick batter

virusdetection says:

*makes batter outside of pen, still pens fault for making it too runny*

SaYYChEz says:

and all along i thought only we asians find cheap things. and buy them lol

kooperthetrooper says:

ooh im so scared of a fat sleeping loser

mrphotomanTIM says:

Thanks for the product reviews, you guys do a great job.

mrphotomanTIM says:

Please do not put a curse on us lazy americans, I know all you darn bulgarians are criminal gypsies and are in cahoots with the devil! I see it all the time in movies! You are EVIL!!!!!!!!!!

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