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Specific Product: This is a review and verbal tutorial of Sun Labs Dark Sun 4-piece set. Sunless tanning products provide a safe, healthy, natural looking tan that lasts 5-7 days! It is extremely important that the products are applied properly and carefully in order to avoid a streaky or blotchy looking tan. Follow these basic steps, 1) Exfoliate entire body using scrub and loofah 2) Apply sunless tanning lotion (use gloves!) 3) Maintain with Tan moisturizer between uses of sunless tanner Done right a sunless tan can look great and give you color without harmful UV rays.

This is a product review for the Oreck XL Professional Air Purifier seen and sold via informercials late at night and other mediums.

Review of Nioxin hair care system and discussing the reason that this is product is better than other shampoos/conditioners. I have no relation to the company and I would love your feedback and posts! Let me know if you want to know more on a particular area.

In the first entry into a new series on THEKINGOFHATEHD, DSP tries new things. First up: the new Burger King breakfast sandwich, the Ciabatta club. send all donations thru to the address cafepress page: new gaming footage at

Follow my Laser progress n’see if it works!

Jack tries out the Topsy Turvy upside down plant grower. Let’s see how it’s done. Be sure to post your questions and recipes for Jack on his Cooking Community at

AdoramaTV presents Tether Tools. This week Mark will show some products from Tether Tools. This product line is designed to help photographers meet their tethered photography needs . He will show you a couple lightweight and versatile tables that attaches to any studio light stand or tripod providing a stable working surface for photographers shooting in studio or on-location. For more information about Tether Tools and related videos, go here: Send your questions to:

This is a most unusual Morphing aircraft. It fits into the “Will it fly or Won’t it fly?” category, proving the unlikely. Air hogs seems to be on the cutting edge of making unusual flying machines. The Switchblade is certainly another. The motor configuration on the wing is adjustable from hover to forward flight. Controls must be dealt with a gentle touch and trimming before flying, helps a lot. Once you get the hang of it, it really is a lot of fun. We have bashed them into houses, trees, fences and the Earth and still have not even broken a prop! It is lots of fun just to hover and land too. Note: It is imperative to fly in a big space and then go high before morphing into forward flight. After morphing, keep motors running and wait till it levels out before trying to turn. Only pulse the controls to turn or it will turn sharp into the ground. Once you get the hang of it, you will find this loads of fun. See the Switchblade at Thanks for watching. Dave

The “official story” is: changing supplier forced GW to change product names and colors, because they are a property of manufacturer. If someone will tell you something like that, please ask him: 1. Do you suggest, that GW employees are so incompetent to not register trade mark of best selling product? (best selling product is – or was – Chaos Black paint) 2. How do you explain, that GW changed the supplier of paints many times always keeping the names of the paints? 3. Where can I buy these paints under their well known names? Supplier has these paints, also has rights to these popular names, so where they are?