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You are in control of the area you want worked on:

Gently lay on the Neck King and relax – the bumps will melt into the areas of tension.
Note what areas need to be worked on by the tenderness under the bumps.
Tenderness should decrease with regular use of the Neck King.

Check with your doctor if you have any injuries or medical conditions before using the Neck King.

It is normal to feel tenderness where the bumps make contact with tight muscles.

If the tenderness is too intense for you, pad the bumps with a folded towel to your comfort.

You also can use in a seated position for a lighter touch.

Only a few minutes is needed to release tense muscles. Stop using if you feel any numbness. This could happen if you stay on the bumps in one spot for too long.

In this video, I share how I use the Wahoo fitness ANT+ product. I started using it after coming back from injury and how I use it during my marathon training. Coming back from injury, I used the adapter and heart rate strap and used it while on the treadmill. I used the associated application on the iPhone to help me keep track of my HR zone. My only complaint is that the zones numbers are different than Garmin. Speaking of Garmin, Wahoo provided is much better feature set than the comparable Garmin Fit and ANT+ adapter. The ability to transfer activities from a Forerunner 310, 610 or 910 is worth it. I no longer have to sync with my computer, I can simply upload & share as soon as I’m done running. The audible triggers & actions are really good, if you are like me, then your iPhone is in a pocket, the audibles help you during your workout. Finally the overall design of the UI is ok, it gets the message across, but it’s not as sharp as Garmin Fit or Nike+ – – – – – – – – – – – Subscribe on YouTube (new video every Sunday!) Google+: Twitter: Check out more videos from the gang at – – – – – – – – – – – Avoiding Chores is a collection of interests from a group of guys who do everything possible NOT to do chores. This involves getting into a number of interests such as hiking, camping, outdoors, bushcraft, running, beer reviews, live hangouts and long term projects like living off the

Jack finally reviews the Perfect Tortilla Pan. Be sure to check out Jack’s new channel with his brother, Charles Scalfani. also, buy Jack’s sauces at

Picked this up while looking for something fun to shoot. From Do-All’s website: “Impact Seal Ground Bouncing Reactive Targets were originally designed for military, law enforcement and fast action pistol training. These are action targets that are unpredictable and they challenge the shooter to locate and readjust for every shot. The technologically advanced material will handle thousands of rounds from .22-.50 caliber. These durable targets are built for long life and countless hours of fun.” So I decided to get one and run a little test with 4 other shooters. Honestly, I have ZERO complanits about this product. It works great. I just wish I had purchased one of the round ones as the ground we were shooting on was pretty muddy and the square reactive target ended up getting bogged down a bit. Oh well, I’ll just have to go get buy a round one! 🙂

Wanna go through my trash? hahah 😉 These are a lot of the products I’ve actually finished lately and my thoughts. I also did an outtakes parade of me throwing the things into the bag on my floor… Hope you enjoy it and please let me know if you are into these kinds of videos. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe. xo Leigh Ann All about my hair video: My Americana Peplum Skirt Outfit of the day video: INSTAGRAM: leighannsays FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: FACEBOOK: TUMBLR: PINTEREST: ASK ME QUESTIONS: Friday Eve EMPTIES! (Products I used up review) tags: leighannnsays, “leigh ann”, friday eve, products i used up, review, product review, teeth whitening, whitening, tooth whitening, empties, products i used, skincare, cerave, skin products, drugstore makeup, makeup review, empties video, beauty, hair products, suave hair, detangler, aussie, conditioner, hoarder, self tanner, self tanning, self tan, fake tan, cheap hairspray, vlog, outtakes,

Jack Finally tests out the green cookware. Have you tried this cookware out yet? What did you think?

My review of AKA mole and freckle skin tag remover. There was not enough information about this before I bought it I wish someone had warned me. This company is a joke, a ripoff, avoid at all costs. Their product has messed up my skin and scarred me for life. If I was American I would be suing this company. or our website or 1-888-710-7206 ext 7100