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All Coaxials can easily have blade strikes. If you fly them long enough, you will eventually have that happen. The Esky Big Lama is a great machine, but suffers the same blade strike tendencies as other coaxials. For price and availability, click this link and search Big Lama. Outdoor flight helicopter (only in no winds) Easy to fly with simple operation, designed for beginners. (1) Main rotor diameter: Φ460mm; (2).Weight:410g; (3).Length:510mm, Width:110mm, Height:260mm; (4).Power system:370 motor x 2; (5).100% Ready-to-Fly (6).Transmitter: 2.4GHz 4 CH (including training switch and simulator port) (7).Mix controller:Receiver and 3in1 Controller; (8).Servo:digital servos; weight:7.5g; (9).Battery:11.1V 800mAh Li-polymer battery. 4 Channel 2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum Multifunctional R/C Transmitter w/ Training Switch and Simulator Port 11.1V Li-polymer Battery (EK1-0188) Charger for 7.4V and 11.1V Li-polymer battery (EK2-0851) 1 x 110V LiPo Charger wall adapter (USA) 12V DC Connector to Charger Quick Start Guide and Manual in English & Simplified Chinese Gift box Extra! 2 Sets of Spare Blades (Upper & Lower) Extra! EK2-0900A USB Cable + FlightSIM CD-ROM Pros: Flies great, easy to fly, and on 2.4Ghz Cons: Easy to have blade strikes. Thanks for watching. Dave

*****PLEASE READ***** Products mentioned: Organix: Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo (Sulfate free) Organix: Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner (Sulfate free) Herbal Essences: Totally Twisted Shampoo Herbal Essences: Totally Twisted Conditioner Silk Elements Mixed Silk: Deep Nourishing Conditioner African Pride Shea Butter Miracle: Leave-in Conditioner African Pride Shea Butter Miracle: Silky Hair Moisturizer African Pride Shea Butter Miracle: Bouncy Curls Pudding African Pride Shea Butter Miracle: Buttery Creme ~~~DISCLAIMER~~~ I purchased all these products with my own money.

Table –
Music – The key to the superior function of the Omni Massage Roller is its unique”omni-directional” massage ball.
Knots and restrictions can be felt in the tissue–similar to driving a car over a speed bump–this massager allows you to feel what is going on in the body.
Never use over boney structures, such as directly on the spinal column. Click here for more information on how to use the Omni Roller with your preferred massage technique.
With a long-lasting and durable construction, Omni Massage products can be used in the whirlpool or a soothing bathtub, as there are no internal parts to wear out or corrode.
For professionals, Omni products can be used in place of fingers, hands, and elbows.

Washing Instructions: All Omni Massage products can be cleaned easily with soap and water.
Color Options:
1. White or Black Cap
2. Green, Red, Purple, Blue or Black Massage Ball
Easy to use and carry.
Durable construction.
Color selection of your choice. Thera-Band® resistive exercise systems include latex bands available in 8 color-coded levels of resistance. Latex-Free Bands are also available in 5 color-coded levels of resistance.

Please contact Elline at 847-972-6626 or

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Information on where to purchase this set can be found here: Can this track be expanded? I answer this question in this video: 3-Lane Super Speedway Expandability Update Check out this brand new track set! It reminds me of this Tomica set:

Many of you suggested that Jack Jr review the Slushy Mug. So here it is. Thanks everyone for suggesting this product. Be sure to post your food pics on our show page: