Recently Added Videos Used either individually or in various combinations,these small massage balls allow for either increased pressure on broad contact areas, such as the calf and thigh.
The sure-grip handle provides a confident, no-slip gripping surface and many different ways to use the tool with comfort and easy handling. Click here for more detailed information on using the Knuckle Baller.
Never use over boney structures, such as directly on the spinal column. Click here for more information on massage techniques.
With long-lasting and durable construction, Omni Massage products can be used in the whirlpool or a soothing bathrub, as there are no internal parts to wear out or corrode.
For professionals, Omni products can be used in place of fingers, hands and elbows.
Omni products can be cleaned easily with soap and water in between clients.
Available in green, blue, red, purple and black.
Achieve deep pressure without overexertion.
Can be used in place of fingers and hands.
Durable construction.
Color selection of your choice.

**PLEASE LIKE/FAVORITE THIS VIDEO, HELPS US SPREAD THE WORD. THX!!** – Welcome to another show, it’s been way too long since our last video here on the CCC. Sometimes things get hectic, but we’re trying to get some content ready to release here shortly. Today we’re checking out some pieces from US Tubes, a scientific glassblowing company out or NorCal with some great pieces on their product line. Their pieces are very well made with thick joints and welds and excellent scientific function at an affordable price. Definitely a nice choice if you’re just getting into scientific glass.

Craig Petty & David Penn, from,take their regular look at some of the latest products from the world of magic. This weeks show: Hanky Panky: David Penn 92%, Craig Petty 99% Element 80: David Penn 80%, Craig Petty: 65% Cooler: David Penn 100%, Craig Petty: 100% Join us for ‘Facebook Week’ at: and hit ‘LIKE’! If you would like your product reviewed on the Wizard Product Preview send your product to: World Magic Store 5 Rea Business Park Inkerman Street Birmingham B7 4SH United Kingdom email: Naturally we cannot guarantee that your product will be reviewed but we do get through sixteen or more products a month and we will prioritise the requests of our subscribers.

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I’m sharing a “natural encounter” that I had in Wal-Mart with a six year old girl. I also give a product review of the Natural Me Whipped Shea Butter. You can find more info. at and

Jack Scalfani tests out the instant marinater to see if it really marinates in minutes. Be sure to see his sauces at:

Now with Starbucks selling cake pops behind the counter, they seem to be all the rage. We review the cake pop pan called “Bake Pop” as seen on TV. My wife’s buckeyes (peanut butter balls) is down below. Be sure to check out my sauces at where you can now order just one jar. BUCKEYES (OR BULLSEYE PEANUT BUTTER BALLS) PEANUT BUTTER MIXTURE • 2 cup butter (soft) • 1 (1 lb) confectioners’ sugar • 1 (12 ounce) jar peanut butter CHOCOLATE MIXTURE • 1 (3 inch) square paraffin wax • 1 (12 ounce) package chocolate chips • 4 (1 ounce) unsweetened chocolate squares Change Measurements: US | Metric Directions: Prep Time: 30 mins Total Time: 1 day 1. 1Mix the peanut butter mixture together well. 2. 2Form into small balls and put in refrigerator over night. 3. 3When ready to dip, use a double boiler and melt the chocolate bits, and the squares of chocolate together. 4. 4Using a toothpick (I sometimes use a fork so I don’t have to get rid of the toothpick hole), insert it into the middle of the ball and dip in the chocolate mixture about 7/8 of the way, leaving a small eye at the top. 5. 5Put on wax paper to cool. we cool in the freezer

Ben shows us the new Coax Heli and test-flies it around Scott in the office. Mode 1: Mode 2: Soft, “frost-free” cover. Store in freezer until needed. Heat in microwave. Non-toxic, biodegradable gel. Custom printing available. Call for details.

Heating Instructions
Based on initial pack temperature below 75F (24C).

Knead after each heating. Microwave ovens vary; use care when heating and removing pack from microwave. Overheating pack may cause pack to rupture and/or leak. Carefully check the pack with the palm of your hand before applying. Discard pack if punctured or broken.

Heat 30 seconds on high heat, knead, and then continue heating at 10 second intervals until desired temperature is reached. Knead after each heating.