Motorcycle Security Locks Product Review

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Security Locks » Having your motorcycle or ATV stolen is obviously a major bummer, but it’s an unfortunate fact of life these days. Some …


john guy says:

Will these lock work on off road motorcycles 

AntonioMadera says:

bitch tits

0121cole says:

the last lock looks good but i can see a design flaw whats to stop a bike
thief undoing the main bracket with a allen key 



WolfInSheepsCloth210 says:

Does anyone know what the batteries are for the OnGuard key with the light?
I lost mine and have to replace them.

john guy says:

I can’t find the locks on the website 

john guy says:

Can you post the link right to the locks I can’t find it 

ARC Reaper says:

Lol safety dance! Right on, great attitude! :D

Boyz N Acne says:

would it be a good idea to have multiple disc locks to have some redundancy
just in case?

jflood2562 says:

Will these work on atvs

ZesPak says:

Great tip, another one is to get one with a decent alarm, a good alarm will
go off when you start the bike so no chance of you not noticing it when
getting on :).

TheBestClipsOfficial says:

Really good video mate, finaly a good tutorial

G Clarke says:

probably none. he’s just one of those critics.

Zagato8D says:

@ 0:06 that is how i lock my bike.

bjmotocross says:

If it wasnt for the Beast Chain, my bike would be riding the streets of
Baltimore City right now… this chain actually stopped a major crime spree
in my neighborhood, worth the money!! FYI if someone tries to cut your lock
shaft you can also order another one of those directly from RoadLok

iliketoparty46 says:

That road block is the worst design I have ever seen

11010110110 says:

The 1 attempt where LoJack did not save this bike was simply because it was
not moved or knocked around hard enough to set off the LoJack unit. Just to
clarify why it protected the bike on 2 of 3 attempts. When I get my R1 back
I will still use a combination of locks and LoJack to protect it but I will
find something better to secure the chain to. For the record the pin lock
in the RoadLoc was never removed by the thieves even after cutting 1-1/4″
of the the housing away.

sneakysnakepie1 says:

Not always lock the front wheel, people can take it off easy. Use it
through the frame

cheapcycleparts says:

@djhotdogboy Thanks! Glad we could help!

Bailey WTBhacker says:

where i can buy safety dance

laughwithoutsmiling says:

But what if they just carry the bike away?


thumbs up to safety dance =)

SadKamper says:

Dude, helpful information.

DeadlyAviator says:

I’m pretty confident it is the same one, but all cable locks are inherently
weak anyway, it is incorrectly implied that a cable lock would be better
than a U-Lock. The other locks you show in this video are better, and would
be appropriate for a bicycle, but for motorbikes, which are more expensive
(and can more easily carry large locks), these would not do, a thief
planning on stealing a motorbike would not at all be phased by these locks.

Gary Hiscutt says:

my wheels have spoke wheels. what can you recommend?

712536 says:

Never ever get a cable lock! I’ve had my bike stolen with it locked to a
lamp post with one. Upon closer inspection it was clear the thieves cut it
with a hacksaw, you could see bits of metal and plastic from the plastic
protective tubing on the pavement. The only thing cable locks are good for
is keeping your bike cover or helmet locked to your bike.

XENASecurity says:

Great video… can we also interest you in reviewing some stainless-steel
double-locking 120dB disc-lock alarms from XENA Intelligent Security?

Gary Hiscutt says:

Honda CG125

stuvztube says:

cant I just put a small nut and bolt on?

cheapcycleparts says:

Sorry we do not

NathanH172 says:

What lock would be the best for the 2013 Yamaha Zuma 125cc?

James Watts says:

I like the dance at the end

baelfyr bound says:

@Turco949 because a 5 dollar padlock can be picked very easily. need a lock
thats hard to pick. most theives dont bother with picking. but still the
better the lock the more likely they wont even bother trying to steal your

ragnarokzero1988 says:

sorry after posting this I realised that if the bolts were taken out it
would still work, as the pin would still be locking the lock to the disc,
it’s a nice idea.

Richie DeCosta says:

I dont get this, all these thing lock the front wheel, and all a thief has
to do is lift the front of the bike. ???? how can any of these make a real

Turco949 says:

Haha….well, you could always attach a $0.50 bell to it or better yet
booby trap it using a fishing wire and connect it to a hidden scatter gun!

CarAudioJoe says:

The beast is the most vulnerable. A good pair of bolt cutters and its done.

cheapcycleparts says:

We want our customers to be protected from thieves. What locks have you
found that work better?

Rene d'Aramis says:

The last part of the video RoadLok System if I’m not mistaken if it’s
mounted on the bike would it make the bike unbalance or heavier on one side?

ragnarokzero1988 says:

yes it’s going to be as easy to take off as it was to put on…

masterpatricZeta3 says:


cheapcycleparts says:

You can use a disc lock on the rear

cheapcycleparts says:

@M3ta7h3ad Yes! That’s a great tip. Thanks!

DeadlyAviator says:

I don’t think these locks offer much more than a false sense of security,
if a thief can break these locks quickly and easily without the need for
loud and expensive power tools: If you skip to 5:50 in this video
/watch?v=6AdugFzCi24, you can see the rottweiler cable lock shown in your
video being broken, and just further on some more expensive and thicker
chains being cut. An example of better chains: /watch?v=h5NgdJ7I7gg

Neo Quello says:

its definitely thicker and its not round chain.. the profile is square.
plus I believe its offered in 3 diferent lengths..

cheapcycleparts says:

The RoadLok is the most convenient lock system. Once the System is
installed only the pin needs to be carried while your riding. With many of
the other systems you are required to transport a chain/cable and a large

Jackcc5 says:

thank you mate thats really good information even tho i know about them
chains already other people may not and it will be good for them.

mwhite36 says:

OnGuard has good products (i use them), but be careful with the OnGuard
locks and padlocks. I had at least two situations where the locks wouldn’t
open. I don’t know if it was debris, grit…..whatever, that caused it. But
i would put the key in – and it wouldn’t open at all. Had to call the
locksmith. So be careful how you insert the key into the lock and keep the
lock free of debris – sand, dust, etc.

DeadlyAviator says:

These locks are pathetic

dindin0905 says:

someone familiar with Artago products?

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