Morphing Aircraft! Air Hogs SWITCHBLADE product review.

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This is a most unusual Morphing aircraft. It fits into the “Will it fly or Won’t it fly?” category, proving the unlikely. Air hogs seems to be on the cutting edge of making unusual flying machines. The Switchblade is certainly another. The motor configuration on the wing is adjustable from hover to forward flight. Controls must be dealt with a gentle touch and trimming before flying, helps a lot. Once you get the hang of it, it really is a lot of fun. We have bashed them into houses, trees, fences and the Earth and still have not even broken a prop! It is lots of fun just to hover and land too. Note: It is imperative to fly in a big space and then go high before morphing into forward flight. After morphing, keep motors running and wait till it levels out before trying to turn. Only pulse the controls to turn or it will turn sharp into the ground. Once you get the hang of it, you will find this loads of fun. See the Switchblade at Thanks for watching. Dave


GrumpyMadman says:

What is that THING on Jeff’s face? I don’t know what it is called but it looks like something you would find growing wild on a Sasquatches ASS!

steven more says:

mine only went like 3 feet in the air and didnt even switch back even when fully charged

TiagoTiagoT says:

What is the point of the morphing? Or is it just a gimmick to stand out from the rest of the toy RC planes?

flillyou123 says:

man i wish you could get your hands on a airhogs hover assault

tatararaful says:

Its not a good idea, your going to end up frying the receiver (burning it)

MitchRules2000 says:

mine will just not fly.

loudtonka says:

has anyone tried to change the battery to a hobby grade lipo that can be charged off the plane?

loudtonka says:

has anyone tried to change the battery to a hobby grade lipo that can be charged off the plane?

subwofa says:

mine never worked glad i didnt pay for it hahaha

clkid10 says:

You didn’t hit a UFO, the motor got stuck or somethin

clkid10 says:

You have to put 8 batteries in the back of the controller, make sure the + and – signs are correct, turn on the controller and switchblade, it’s suppose to fly after you’ve done that because the switchblade is already pre-charged

clkid10 says:

Just a question, next on the propeller, there’s a tape strapped around it stuck to the wings. Is it for left-right propeller turning and if I have to remove it? Please respond someone.

donahuerules says:

mine had no power even new out of the box

Gregory Dearth says:

Typical Chinese garbage. I have a different Air Hogs plane and the motors were not even aligned properly so it always flew in circles. Had to pull the motor off and re-glue it so the blades of each motor lined up. For $30 to $60 bucks a plane you shouldn’t have to repair it yourself right out of the package. My brother bought the same plane as me, the Air Hogs Hawk Eye Blue Sky, and his flies fine. Much more control than the Morphing craft in this video.

MegaDragoz says:

I might be getting one of these for Chrismas! YAY!

drayclay1000 says:


10031538keim says:

wow man i wana fly it out the box lol

JoeHazAnXbox says:

its like it runs out of batteries in mid-air and it falls in a pool

nerdalert226 says:

shut up mannnnnn mythbusters forever!

danniecurnow says:

These guys make the Mythbusters look like fools.

rabbitcancer says:

No offence – but that is the most pointless RC aircraft I have ever seen.

4shacks1house says:

Avalon tunage!!

iRevized says:

27 people still like bin laden

frankaleeny says:

hey dave…. are those the same motors as the storm launcher? cause if they are I have an old storm launcher that I would love to get flying again…… should be an easy motor swap if they are

noobertification says:

The man has Parkinson’s Disease from 10:50 to who knows when.

EnterpriseXI says:

Dave my swichblade (got 12th May) does not fly as fast as your

EnterpriseXI says:

hey Dave if u still have this plane, could u try to modify it to a 3ch setup. ailerons and elevators?

Dork Lord says:

I think your cool.

matzmonkey88 says:

whats with the gay song?

hashim123456789101 says:

i know why u crashed when u said i hit a ufo it was u turned and went up causing it to loose balance and therefore u crashed

545beatrizemeyer44 says:


Word Reet says:

That’s a strange little critter!

merlynwylld says:

That spinning take off and flight is very interesting. There is something there that my mind is playing with, like a shell in the shape of the UFO from the OLD TV show “The Invaders” Roy Thinnes? Don’t know why it makes me think of that. That would lock it in that shape, but 1 LED at top and bottom would give you the solid line and if you pulsed another on the bottom at just the right rate I bet it would appear to counter rotate.. Humm Thanks for the vid! Another Might get Around 2 it! idea!!

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