Monster 500 Graveyard Gauntlet Product Review

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Under $20 at Toys R Us! 2 lanes, 8 feet each lane, downhill gravity racing! If you wonder if it works with Hot Wheels cars, yes it does! Is this track compat…


TheTasarau says:

Great review thanks racegrooves!

RaceGrooves says:

It’s going to be a couple days before I get another video made. Enjoy one of the other 900+ videos!

RaceGrooves says:

Have fun with Minecraft! Thanks for watching =)

RaceGrooves says:

You’re right. That one is usually available at Toys R Us.

RaceGrooves says:


dwayneval says:


dwayneval says:

Do more

Johny Dao says:


Billy Joe says:

are you going to do 10 in 1 super speedway

Johny Dao says:

emosewa!(awesome) but i’m more into minecraft.

miner2945 says:

hot wheels have the super track pack playset and it comes with a uniqe clamp and a starting gate but no finish gate but you can use the trestles to make a jump finish line like the downhill track you used for your parties

genogomez78 says:

That’s the same problem I had with my track both flags kept popping up when there was obviously a winner but other that that my son and I love it

Howard Yang says:

these new monster 500 toys seem very good

yoshiromie says:

Works With Hot wheels Cars? I Wonder?

Poke Emerald says:

Hotwheel car at monsters 500 track

yoshiromie says:


yoshiromie says:

Can u make a monster jam video soon

Nanotech huanying says:

fast cars

epicmanlego97 says:

Hey can you try to put some hot wheels on the 2-lane downhill track if some them work ?

Noize Tank says:

Hot Wheels Track Time track?

ceb418 says:

What I was saying in the game when you go to buy the cars if you enter the code on that car that you pick on the screen that is the one it will give you so you have to go to the car you want on the screen and then enter the code it will give you that car. i entered my evil clownevil card on lead foot and got lead foot.

RaceGrooves says:

Thanks Tom =)

RaceGrooves says:

At the moment, Hot Wheels doesn’t have a 2-lane downhill track. This one will do just fine, except for the finish line.

RaceGrooves says:

Nope. The width of the lanes is exactly the same as Hot Wheels track.

RaceGrooves says:

No, the car you get from the code will not be the car that you get online. I entered all of my codes and none of the free cars matched. After you get all of the cars, you get 15,000 bones. I had ten cars plus the two that came in the track sets.

Jordan Alexander says:

Great review thanks!!!

Milic milicevic says:

hey what is beter monster 500 or hot wheles???


this is a cool set,wonder if we will get it in uk?

dutchhotwheels says:

Cool set.

ceb418 says:

Great video. When you enter the code in the game you get whatever car you are on. So make sure you are on the car you want when you enter the code.

sirmugman says:

would bigger cars work on the track? like a monster trucks or some of the bigger HW/MB’s?

23Dilla says:

The startting gate looks promising unlike the hot wheels downhill racing where you have to make sure you move the trigger over to the left. Anywho pretty cool raceway. By the way I thought I’d share that the boy on the box is a local kid at a Toys R Us here in Illinois an came in to the store not too long ago.

tortoisetom1 says:

Looks like a fun set!Great review,as always.

Steven Macias says:

This reminds me of the old school Hot Wheels drag race set from the late 60’s with the start gate and the drop flag finish. It’s cool that you can use the Hot Wheels on it as well. Great work!

Robert peter says:

So funny xD

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