Kraft Fresh Take – Food Product Review

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Cooking With Jack Show says:

Do you guys remember SHAKE ‘N BAKE? Here is my latest food review. Kraft
Fresh Take – Food Product Review

Jack Scalfani says:

Do you guys remember SHAKE ‘N BAKE? Here is my latest food review. Kraft
Fresh Take – Food Product Review

Leslie Gibson says:

Ive never tried these but i would rather sear mine with seasoning then bake
it in the oven to finish it off. Locks in all the flavor.

Martha Ramirez says:

the italian parmesan is really good… Use chicken breast with no bone and
cut in half… but you have to put it in egg and then in the crumbs for
best taste read the lable

Shelby Nemeth says:

Is there cheese in the packet, or is it all seasoning-like ingredients?

Shane Luckett says:

I don’t know which one I had..but I used one and it was really good. The
Best foods mayo and parmesan cheese one is amazing though.

Steven Davis says:

Jack Daniels Marinade Bag. I would like to know what you think of it. I
like them a lot.

awesomeness geena says:


GothicKiwiStar21 says:

I like the itlain one. I make with chicken thin slice and make it with
chicken parmesan. The one u made is way to strong in flavor and tasta

Jessica Christian says:

my favorite is the italian one & I use chicken tenderloins & they came out

Kandase Urban says:

Try the cheddar jack with bacon flavored one. That’s the one I always get
and it’s really good with pork chops. I wish they were $1.99 here in
Delaware but they are $3.99.

gamingdexter says:

love shake n bake, buffalo chicken is my favorite :)

Thor Erenskjold says:

Off course it’s not real you think he writes like that

Betty1Q says:

Its Fried! Its Shake and Bake and I Helped!! LOL

Mikey Ondik says:

oh really????? your so smart!

tmacsanchez says:

Look at his right hand on your left side at 2:58… his words on the white
board are fake.. LOL

Nicholas Mayfair says:

I’ll guess it’s an APP but it could be something else 😛

atltallone907 says:

All of these things are just updated versions of Shake and Bake….I mean
its just bread crumbs and seasoning. would take like 30 secs to make it
yourself lol

Amanda Burns says:

I like the bacon cheddar one. I didn’t like the rosemary one either.

Ashley B says:

Its typed on ..

BigMeks Menu says:

I’m all for convenience food, but if it don’t taste right… do taste
right!!….i loved the way you told it how it was ?

exile1975 says:

Is it breadcrumbs, like Oven Fry, or is it cheese?

Alex Polischuk says:

Jack didnt like it because chicken is not cooked enough, its all pink inside

c j says:

I loved when your hand had all the writing from the white board on it.
Cracked me up.

chavitavb says:

This is really bothering me but how did you get the writing on the small
white board so perfect lol! I know there is always something written
different on there.

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