Korean Makeup Products Review [EP.1] ♥ 메이크업 제품 리뷰

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Hey Everyone! I’m back with a collective beauty product review where I will talk about new products that I recently have tested and old products that I wanted to give an update review on (: Now it took me a while to realize that the title was a bit misleading since the last product I’m showing you is actually a skincare product, so for now I’ll just keep the title as it is. But in the future, depending on the type of products I’ll show in these types of videos, it will be named as Korean Makeup Products Review or Korean Beauty Products Review (: So instead of me doing first impressions videos all the time, there will be other times where I’ll do a quick, but thorough review on products that you guys have requested me to review on 🙂

★ Products Mentioned:
1. Innisfree Long Wear Cushion / 이니스프리 롱웨어 쿠션

2. Kiss Me Heroine Mascara Remover / 키스미 히로인 마스카라 리무버

3. Tony Moly BCDation / 토니모리 비씨데이션

4. Etude House Ice Shot Mist / 아이스샷 쿨 보송 미스트

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[Disclaimer] : The Heroine Mascara Remover was kindly provided by YESSTYLE.COM for me to review, but by no means was I paid to make this review or to say good things about it just because the product was sent to me! All of my thoughts and opinions of the products mentioned in the video are 100% true. Links provided above may be affiliated links!


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