Hot Wheels Wall Tracks: Epic Product Review!

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Please note that I made a mistake and you do not put a car in the loop to be launched around. Check my other videos for the complete Wall Tracks product line.


Stephanie Lemus says:

@racegrooves u have no life

Stephanie Lemus says:

the guy who made this is like a 40 year old loser

enrique seda martin says:

where you get the starter pack in Spain, for my birthday I go there and I like to have it (preferably in Jerez de la Frontera, Andalusia)

bhanuka1970 says:

Hot wheels yo OOooooooooooooo8voodoo

racegrooves says:

LOL! Thanks for watching =)

racegrooves says:

No, there are not any replacements for the foam boosters. Nowadays, they use flexible rubber instead. I would say that your observation is correct that the side-view mirrors of some models can cut up the foam boosters. That is why most HWs don’t have side-mirrors especially the ones meant for the track. By the way, the Speed Circuit track is not released in the US so I’m jealous! I bought one and had it shipped here long ago but I don’t remember if it was complete.

racegrooves says:

The blue corners have bumps in the road. I found that some cars are too low and the bodies get stuck on the bumps. I also found that longer and wider cars have problems there as well.

racegrooves says:

Thanks for watching!

TheJubby41 says:


Hw Craze says:

My wall track starter set the first blue corner, lots of the cars just stop, they stop or fly off, any suggestions on how to improve this?

boabie says:

I have the Speed Circuit Track for my nephew and found his cars are now struggling to make it round the track since the foam spinners in the booster have worn down somewhat – looks like the wing mirrors on the cars take their toal. Do you know if it’s possible to buy replacement foam spinners?

UndecidedMusic88 says:

Flippity-flappy just became my new favorite phrase.

racegrooves says:

Just because she didn’t let you have it doesn’t mean that she is mean. Toys are not an essential item, they are treats. 

Trey Smith says:

Yesterday, my mom took me to price cutters ( an employee owned store), and i went to check out the hot wheels. and you know what two different car series’ they had? they had some 2008 two pack color shifters… and, CONNECT CARS! the connect cars were going for 3 dollars, but my mom wouldn’t get them. she can be mean sometimes…

MrRolly2009 says:

Back in my day we had a track called floor.

racegrooves says:

@Anthony Baum Thanks for watching 🙂

Anthony Baum says:

i’m going to use the word ‘adhesion’ for the rest of my life lol. loving your videos.

kerberos623 says:

they have. see watch?v=82tfkvVITtM&feature=fvwrel

racegrooves says:

@Buzzramjet The Wall Tracks Power Tower has a Spiral Elevator 🙂

Buzzramjet says:

Now all Mattel has to do is develop an elevator/escalator to keep them going on and on.

racegrooves says:

Thanks =)

LadyMarian9 says:

Thanks for the review! I might have skipped buying this for my boys, but you’ve made it look so fun and easy to use. Plus I already love command strip stuff, and know it’s safe for my walls. Also, I could listen to your accent all day, lol! 😀

dark9911 says:

What chuu thinkk boutt that??? LOL!!!!! @ 8:40

ksalazarks20 says:


racegrooves says:

Yes, Nerve Hammer! 0:58

racegrooves says:

Thanks for watching =)

AlkuwariQatar999 says:

I have the car 00:58

jesseag2000 says:


Trypticon8 says:

i dont like that video

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