Hot Wheels Stunt Street Play Set Product Review

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Let’s check out this Toys R Us exclusive Play Set!


racegrooves says:

@fox4news1 **Burp**

fox4news1 says:

racegrooves did you ordered pizza?

racegrooves says:

Yes, 2:48 is a very popular sequence judging by viewer comments – Thanks for watching!

partyboy2991 says:

haha 2:56

racegrooves says:

Gracias por tu sugerencia. Yo tengo más minijuegos para ser revisados ​​pronto =) Gracias por mirar!

testangost says:

deberias hacer mas videos de estos minijuegos (yes, im for mexico)

seba del boom says:


ClarkGalvez says:

pizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!lol!!!

racegrooves says:

Извините, я не знаю, если это продается в России.
Sorry, I do not know if this is sold in Russia.

Надежда Кукушкина says:

тут есть русские?

MrOmghen says:


racegrooves says:

Yes, they used that olive green Off Track in more than one playset. It was also found in multi-packs.

HotWheelsReviewWorld says:

Isn’t that the same car from t-rex takedown?

HotWheelsReviewWorld says:

Nice cute Toy!

Muhammad Aryff says:

2:56 it is like he is trying to say “THE HORROR OF THE PIZZA!!!!!!!”

achon88 says:


racegrooves says:

@JoeyP598 LOL!

JoeyP598 says:

I remember this from FOREEEEEEVER ago 😀

lucitruck says:

That green off track was also released in a Dino play set

aldrich Johanes Noora says:

tanner sataten you mean: Ha… when you said bye bye the car went away

aldrich Johanes Noora says:

tanner sataten you mean: Ha….. when you said bye bye the car went away

racegrooves says:

That was totally unplanned!

racegrooves says:

That’s a good question. When Toys R US has sets like this labeled KidPicks, it doesn’t seem like those sets are available at other stores.

Tanner Sataten says:

Ha… when you said bye bye the truck went away

Tanner Sataten says:

do you think I can buy this at tru. or amazon?

racegrooves says:

Thanks for watching =)

testangost says:

pizza flying

….a classic

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