Health Guy | Product Review | Whey Protein Powder

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Jone Lagon says:

Can you make a video making a smoothie with this?

TrayCaddyyy says:

I just had some of the vanilla and I really liked it. And the ingredient
list is fairly small too which I like.

realistic07 says:

Great review, I will definitely try this out. I clicked on the link for
amazon and wasn’t sure if the product is right or not because it shows
Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard Natural Whey, Natural. I know you
said it was from trader joes, maybe they changed the product number since
you made the video in 2012. Please let me know if the product is correct or
not listed on amazon.

Jackson20122 says:

lve tried other proteins, this is the best for my digestion system

blevinstiffani says:

Where can I purchase this?

QiSol1 says:

Hemp is a good one. Whey is the easiest on the liver

Ricky Salas says:

I got your book. You really did make getting healthy easy. Many Thanks!!!!

QiSol1 says:

Yes it is good for women as well. You could use it in the morning and
before bed. Helps you sleep better 🙂

Louis Blair says:

Good info thanks man!

Gilbert Youmans says:

Thank you I was wondering which one to take

David Jones says:

Im so going to get that

QiSol1 says:

Vanilla and Chocolate are great tasting shakes. Hemp protein is the best
when blended with mix berries

Sharon Siddiqui says:

You know your stuff, love the channel

Martin Mack says:

Good Vibes coming off you

QiSol1 says:

I like the hemp powder. Its a little grainy but overall pretty good

QiSol1 says:

Hello please refer to the about section. I put a link to purchase!

moka6002 says:

Have you experienced “H6x Muscle Monster?” (Google it) It is a quick way
for you to bulk up fast.

QiSol1 says:

I really appreciate that…thanks!

RebeccaGetchell says:

So what other proteins would you suggest?

QiSol1 says:

Hey, The Optimum Nutrition has the same formulation as the Trader Joes one.

rischaChristine says:

thanks for the review 🙂 I’ve been wanting to get whey protein but there
are just so many brands and so I wasn’t sure which ones are good.. Anyway,
do you think this is good for women too? I’m trying to shed some pounds
here 🙂

CharlesSmith367 says:

Very informative

SilentHaven says:

Great review. I’ve tried so many protein powders that have a horrible after
taste. I’ll definitely get the Vanilla Protein. Also, thinking of trying
their Hemp Powder as well.

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