First Aid Beauty Product Review

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I picked up a few skincare products by “First Aid Beauty” so here is a video of what I think of them! Get them at:…


missglamorazzi says:

YAY! So happy you’re loving First Aid Beauty! Their stuff is AWESOME <3

vivaglamd0ll says:

Love this video! Just subscribed! :)

A.D Lebowitz says:

Awesome review! 

Sarah Smith says:

Thanks so much for this review! Missglamorazzi just fav’d yr vid so I had
to chk it out. I just purchased the F.A.B. Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal
Mask & after trying it out can highly recommend it – felt amazing & made my
skin so soft & nourished afterwards. Thanks again 😀 Sarah

Shahad Nora says:

Can you do skin care routine? 

Kirsten MacLeod says:

How much was every product?

Alma Ibra says:

You’re *

Alma Ibra says:

You’re so pretty and your skin is flawless! Loved the video!

Emily Barbano says:

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