Fasta Pasta – Product Review

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We show you how to cook pasta in the Fasta Pasta Microwave Cooker. Be sure to see his sauces at:


DzMusic2011 says:

Still takes 12 mins ? Just boil it.

Catjaz63 says:

Lazy Man’s Fasta Pasta

Furthea2 says:

Including boiling time?

Furthea2 says:

Saves on energy, also good for cramped spaces or for people who live without a stove. Or if you’re working on sauce and a meat on the stove and don’t want a 3rd pot to watch/clutter up things. Or it’s the middle of summer and turning on the stove creates heat.

rmorse21 says:

I didn’t add any salt, moxy–that’s probably why my spaghetti seemed just a little flat. I plan to make it again today with salt, so I’ll let you know how it turns out.

rmorse21 says:

Then by all means, continue to do so! Whatever works, I say.

moxy1892 says:

do u need to add salt into this before cooking?

ironadio says:

12 minutes for making pasta?? i make mine the normal way and it takes 7mins

azntranc3951 says:

Yes. He is bald underneath. A lot of his regular viewers were all flabbergasted when they found out that Jack is bald(ing). haha

apeiron1984 says:

why!? Why cook pasta (spaghetti) in a plastic bowl and microwaves?!?
It’s so easy to do them in a pot. And for god sake, add more water!! At least 2 liters in a pot with salt in it!

WierdH0b0 says:

Has he ever took his hat off?

DreamCore2011 says:

Angle hair or angel hair?

Beradable says:

the transcript is so funny im cracking up lmao

dani96fra says:

It’s angel not angle hair. lol

dezelfdekleur says:

for 12 minutes i could cook 4 servings in a pan

mcploxoboy says:

you know that you call every pasta maceroni but maceroni is little elbow pasta your cooking spagetti right now 

MooseOfReason says:

Then you have to guess and check how much water to add to boil the pasta in the microwave, which shouldn’t take too many tries, but I don’t know if it’s worth it.

duffer108 says:

OMG it’s the end of the fucking word!!!

iloverock6556 says:

can i make actual macaroni with this, that comes in a box

dravenroughnecks says:

Amazing product.. It takes 30 seconds to measure it another 30 to fill it another 15 to carry it to the microwave and put it in there punch in the numbers. 13 minutes and 15 second total time.. I can boil it in a pot in the same ammount of time.

missroyalt100 says:

Top comment can’t spell angel…


It may be long macaroni. Google it you’ll see.

ilovetoeatoff says:

I think he was just tired and misspoke.

Jlaxplyr says:

Italians call it gravy dumbass

lojosol says:

Macaroni is a rough term for all pasta in general. Elbow Macaroni is the specific term used for the tubed curved pasta

lojosol says:

the funny thing is that is not gravy, its pasta sauce

lojosol says:

Jack is Italian so i would think he knows this. it might just be the fact that he is used to calling pasta macaroni because that’s just what he calls pasta in general.

Jlaxplyr says:

thats a a lot of moth fuckin gravy you put on that

smackdye says:

so it is a plastic container that you microwave? genius!..wish i though of that

Keion567onPS3 says:

Seriously? Wow, you have to correct everything he says

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