Egg Genie – Product Review

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Jack Scalfani reviews the Egg Genie. Be sure to subscribe to Jack’s other channel


zachboi13 says:

He should have just used the chef basket. I heard it got good reviews

huntinater6k says:

thats why u put butter/non stick spray in it

bosbos831 says:

Can I buy it at the online shop.

Lisa Demmel says:

You have to cut of the tip of the egg . Shell and all . than you take a small spoon and eat the egg out of the shell .

kaylynhasfriends says:

i was thinking the same thing! 😮

Clemomar87 says:

Use some fucking non-stick spray.

Jay Allen says:

love the dead flies on your window sill and whatever that crap is running down the wall!

0108ladybird says:

Would you put eggs in anything with out a little spray come lets use our brain

brwneydgirl70 says:

Why would anybody need a special machine to cook eggs. Its the simplest thing to cook

ranifan702 says:

now i see why men tell women to stay in the kitchen, because you can’t do it for yourself

Revieooz says:


Templarofsteel18 says:

by reading your comment it sounds (to me) like solid = fully cooked half probalby runny yolk and the last one probably a real lose egg :S

snakeroxxs says:

me too……dtf? (down to fish)

snakeroxxs says:

you must be a moron……put the eggs in raw

RZetlin says:

Soft boiled – the yolk is still runny when cooked
Hard boiled – the yolk is cooked all the way, hence it’s “hardened”

tessibbotson23 says:

I love watching Jack’s shows!! I was just thinking, “why didn’t I think of doing something like this?” lol.

TheNYGiants121 says:

i said the football finger food 2 5 times fast why is that hard

AllieGunz says:

For the poached eggs you should try spraying some non-stick spray in the little container things.. that might work.

slayermanforthewin says:

Yep, 😛 I guess that’s the power of German Engineering

AkkuR1992 says:

we´ve been using theese things in germany for like 20 years its the normal way to boil eggs over here o0 do you americans allways boil your eggs in a pot?

parkesc21 says:

You think someone would’ve designed the poaching tray with a sloped side

DevynnLeighh says:

One has a soft yolk and one has a hard yolk.

creepymexican123 says:

whats the difference between soft boiled and hard boiled

Sonicshadowrocks says:

Hi i love your show, but i have a question, Would you be able to do a show with your mom?

Abteilol says:

the hole goes into the Bottom (more rounded part) of the egg, not the top. crack a raw egg, look what you find in the rounded half and you know why.

lilla1117 says:

dear jack, can you plz try this my nanna alwase puts budder under the egg’s so that thay will just slide out because the first time the same thing happend to her you should try!!!

tobilover3 says:

I sprayed with oil before poaching. Works well.

maxime therrien says:

@jackatak69, you should use this technique for crackin hard eggs
1: crack it on corner
2: keep doing it all over the egg
3: put your egg in your palm hand (lefty or right handed) and then roll it in your hands
4: add water while doing step 3 and it should work just fine =)
5: enjoy a full (not cut) hard egg

Maik4343 says:

Maybe you can coat the sections with butter so the come out better and won’t break

jeff598 says:

Idk why but i love watching this guy

chiponbloc says:

Broke the egg. Wut a fucking cook ROFL

genocidal123 says:

cooking spray??

MrBob890890 says:

i hve same knife set LMAO

tasteycupcake1 says:

use a baggie 🙂

chase508 says:

You forgot to use cooking spray with the poached eggs. why didn’t you think of that?

bananabreadcupcake says:

ya did it wrong

YoungNikeDesigner says:

So with the poached eggs I think you should have sprayed the bottom with cooking spay or coated it in butter.

rctlover1 says:

4:19 to skip ad 🙂

adolson says:

I have a very similar product to this, and I use it ALL the time. It’s quite a lot older, has water levels built into the base tray, and it’s shaped like a chicken, haha. If it ever stops working, I’ll be replacing it instantly – so convenient!

Dennis Baril says:

spraying with PAM will make the poached eggs slide out no problem !!

starlife1211 says:

u look like someone i know from xbox his gt was blasted lol

breezibree says:

I am sure that the instructions say to spray some nonstick spray in the poached egg tray. I have one and love it. Now I just hate peeling the eggs haha.

hbomb619 says:

shouldve used some nonstick spray for your poached eggs

cyrix01 says:

I’ve found an alternative to that awful Egg Genie poaching tray. I use a little plastic food container. It’s 3.5″ square by 2″ deep. I spray it with Pam and put in 3 extra large eggs. They poach perfectly and slide out of the container effortlessly. Of course the eggs are bunched together, but they are easy to cut and separate once cooked. Sure beats trying to scoop them out of those little tray compartments! I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before.

Mateusz Gierblinski says:

You can also put some salt into the water to stop it from cracking the egg.

tristen1230 says:

Use pam or butter for the one which got stuck.


U have to turn the tray upside down to get them out

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