Dr. Hauschka Products Review

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I really love all the products that I’ve tried and I can recommend everything I mentioned (except maybe for the normalizing oil, because I haven’t used it that much to see a huge result)! Products mentioned: Dr. Hauschka Daily Face Care Kit: Cleansing Cream, Cleansing Milk, Facial Toner, Moisturizing Day Cream, Quince Day Cream, Rose Day Cream Dr. Hauschka Normalizing Day Oil Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Milk Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream Light Dr. Hauschka Moisturizing Day Cream Dr. Hauschka Lip Care Stick Thank you all for watching! 🙂


Policosmetics82 says:

no, Bulgarian 🙂

MissMotya says:

у меня ощущение что ты русская)))

TinaOurWonderLust says:

Thanks for the review of the normalizing day oil. I bought it and it works really well. I did a full shout out on my site: OurWonderLust

SuperSafariGirl says:

You are soooooo cute! Are u Russian?

Policosmetics82 says:

I have no idea, you have to consult someone in the pharmacie.

1002Brandie says:

can you use these products for body acne as well?

Policosmetics82 says:

Thank you so much, I am so glad it helped!

pekkapan1 says:

Thank you for this great review! I love your videos and the fact that you use products without parabens and natural products, it’s very interesting for me because I am always searching for good natural and ecological products! 🙂 And you are very beautiful! Have a great summer!<3

Policosmetics82 says:

Thanks to the company which makes such wonderful natural products!

DrHauschkaUSA says:

Thanks for a great review!

Policosmetics82 says:

same here! Thank you so much for recommending it a while ago – love all the products! 🙂

kokolaroo says:

Love his kits!! ;-D

Policosmetics82 says:

It was at MAriahilferstrase – a big pharmacy there… Otherwise, I think ythat you can order the products in any pharmacy even if they don’t have them in stock at the moment!

Policosmetics82 says:

Thank you! 🙂

Frog255 says:

Hi! Can you please give name of the street and name of the pharmacy, where you bought Dr. Hauschka products in Vienna? Thank you very much. Have a nice day. 🙂

tweehugga0123 says:

yellow is a really pretty color on you 🙂

Policosmetics82 says:

I am glad you liked it thank you for watching! 🙂

Policosmetics82 says:

The Liz Earle hoth cloth cleanser is very different in the concept and effect, becasue you use it with a cloth which gives an amazing result! But I like the Hauschka moisturizers better than the Liz Earle ones plus Hauschka is natural and Earle is not!

Policosmetics82 says:

I would say the Rose Light. 🙂

Policosmetics82 says:

@mrssummer1988 Thank you for the suggestion!

Policosmetics82 says:

@mrssummer1988 prettyskin4less

Policosmetics82 says:

You are welcome! 🙂

stardustlace says:

Great video Poli, very helpful 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

yettabBE says:

Great review on Dr. Hauschka. I have been so curious about that little essentials set. It really is a reasonable price for all of those products. Thanks for going into so much detail on each product…this was very helpful. I just ordered the Lip Care Stick last night, so now I am excited to receive it. Do you like these products, especially the cleansers and moisturizers, better than Liz Earle?

beautybijouxfashion says:

Great review! Which cream is lighter (less oily), the Day Lotion or Rose Cream in the light version?

ziplockcan says:

thanks for sharing your review!

Policosmetics82 says:

We have Weleda here, I’ll maybe check it out sooner or later! 🙂

maremade0 says:

Great review! I love these products too. I also love Weleda, very similar but cheaper in price to Dr. Hauschka.

Bernadette Ellul Felice says:

thanks so much

Policosmetics82 says:

for example beautybay or strawberrynet

Bernadette Ellul Felice says:

is there a site where you can buy these online?

NataschaO says:

Yeah, I think I’ll get that sample kit for normal skin and try them all! 🙂
I like the nice silver box, too, very useful. 🙂

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