Curly Q product review

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Here is my Review of the entire curly q hair range. Please be sure to like and subscribe. Let me know if there are any particular videos that you would like to see in the upcoming future. Enjoy ­čÖé PS Follow me on INSTAGRAM Remz316


Rendezvous WithRemedy says:

lol. it may grow faster than you think girl. Did you recently cut your hair? To speed up growth try gro aut oil and maybe msm. I have a video on my results ­čÖé HHJ´╗┐

wataki2 says:

O:! my, I have such a long way to go before i get some length.´╗┐ [Tear]

inluvwithmusik87 says:

You’re welcome! :)´╗┐

Rendezvous WithRemedy says:

Thanks´╗┐ girl. I must try the custard sounds good.

inluvwithmusik87 says:

I love these products!! I started using all natural products after my first try at curly Q’s . I love how moisturizing the products are. Instead of the hair milkshake I use the curl custard.´╗┐ It works great on my thick curls! Your hair is gorgeous!! Great review:)

djsugah says:

i need´╗┐ to try this brand to satisfy my curiosity. ur hair is gorg and love ur curl pattern!

iamtashafierce says:

Thanks´╗┐ Love

Rendezvous WithRemedy says:

Thank you!! ­čÖé but look who’s talking´╗┐ your texture is amazing!!

iamtashafierce says:

Your´╗┐ hair is the bomb! that’s whats up

ahall98 says:

Love,love,love´╗┐ your hair!!

Rendezvous WithRemedy says:

Thank´╗┐ you Shemsa your very kind

Shemsa08 says:

You are stunning !´╗┐ ­čÖé

Rendezvous WithRemedy says:

Thanks hun :)´╗┐

Rendezvous WithRemedy says:

Thank you very much´╗┐ ­čÖé

Rendezvous WithRemedy says:

Thank you :)´╗┐

Rendezvous WithRemedy says:

Thank you sis. Great´╗┐ to have support especially from a sister in the LORD ­čÖé

Rendezvous WithRemedy says:

Hilarious!! The ingredients are´╗┐ LUSH!!!

TheBlackHairDiary says:

Your hair is gorgeous, love the pic at the end jumping to the beat lol too cute, thanks for´╗┐ the review, I am adding the DC to my wishlist.

BuildableBeauty says:

U and ur Hair are Gorgeous, keep´╗┐ the vids coming :0)

Taekrazzii says:

when you were listing the ingredients of the milkshake I had an ear-gasm lol the ingredients just sound perfect´╗┐ x)

tamoniva12 says:

The products sounds wonderful. Your´╗┐ hair is so beautiful.

PGneiicey says:

love´╗┐ ur curly hair!

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