Couples Review Couples’ Products

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Nothing says true love like a pair of Fundies! Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! MUSIC Only In My Sleep Licensed via Warner Chappell Production…


Lizzy G says:

I love how you idiots are hating on gay people…. it’s such a pathetic
waste of your time. There will always be gay people and acceptance of them
will only grow so get used to it you stupid insect brained losers 🙂

alexandria davis says:

Welcome to the less than 301 views cáfe 🙂 What would you like?

Taylor Reid says:

Why is everyone bitching over the gay couple? Why WOULDN’T they include
them? They are a COUPLE are they not? They had an interracial couple as
well. What about the dark couple? IT’S 2015 PEOPLE.

Lily Diver says:

We live in a heterosexual dominated world where every song in the charts,
every advert, ect is based around heterosexual relationships! How would you
like it? Some people are gay and it’s about damn time people starting
accepting it! 

lilypippili says:

can i just say the black couple is beautiful

Tiko says:

Why the fuck are people freaking out about the lesbian couple? They don’t
effect your life whatsoever, and they’re in love and happy, I don’t see the
damn problem.

Paul Sacco Music says:

i am not homophobic, i just hate that they purposely find a gay couple to
be in every video. I would never turn down a gay couple to be in a video,
but doing it on purpose just annoys me. AGAIN(to the idiot nonsensical
internet progressives), i have no problem with gay people i just notice
they purposely add them just because its the 2015 fad or something. and if
you do not get what i am saying then do not reply. 

RapandRocker says:

Can’t wait to use these products with my imaginary girlfriend………..

PencilVsMonkey says:



Americans try Surströmming!! Can’t go wrong with this stuff!

Novel Whovian says:

Oh my goodness, buzzfeed. Why does there always have to be a straight

85evilmonkey says:

Okay think of it this way, around 10% of the human population is gay. In
the media, almost 99% of couples are staight, but when theres a gay couple
“thats all that they ever talk about”. Why not think about how much
heteronormativity a gay person has to go through everyday before you say
we’re shoving it in your face. (also those fundies look like their made out
of like dryer sheets they’re so thin)

silverbullet700 says:

Why do they always have to include gay people…

missxmeee says:

Makes me wonder if ALL these couples are FAKE. The first couple does not
make sense because they said they’ve been dating for 2 years, but in
buzzfeed’s previous video titled, “Guys Buy Outfits For Their Girlfriends,”
same girl comes out with a different guy saying they’ve been dating for 3
months, yet the video was posted back in march of 2014. Unless the girl is
a twin or the guy completely transformed in to another person, OR this
couple just don’t know how dates work, i say they’re not a couple.

PencilPupCatMonster says:

Instead of “Armadillo” The pillow should have said “Armapillow”

And they should have sold arm pillows.

Arent I a genius salesman?

Pablo Vazquez says:

Welcome to the Under 301 Highway. Pick a

sean love says:

Nothing wrong being gay, but why go for a woman that looks like a man?
That’s fine by me as well as your love life, but when into the same sex I
find this confusing! Nothing wrong masc and fem characteristics as we all
have them, it’s the physicality part in appearance I don’t get? ✌

Randyy1 says:

Lezzers – what else should I have expected from fuzzbeed…

harryskittyz says:

Its not rude its normal.. honestly why does there have to be a gay couple i
dont judge but.. its just unnecessary..

ginro dino says:

I read through a bunch of contents, and there are more comments saying “Why
is everybody hating on the lesbian couple” then comments actually hating on
the lesbian couple. Are those comments just really far down? Or did people
just expect there to be a bunch of those and type without looking at the

ihswap says:

Anyone notice how the woman in the beginning always acts crazy and speaks a
lot in other videos but, now that she’s with her partner she is all quiet
and shy?

RazorX3000Xbox says:

I tolerate gay people and kudos to them for being proud… but I do not
want nor *need* gay or bisexual people/related content constantly *shoved*
down my throat every other day. Again, I’m completely cool with gay people.
Hell, I even have a gay cousin. But to have gay related content/couples
shoved up my anus every few days is *not* okay. I mean, yeah, I get it.
“Accept this, accept that”, but there’s a limit to telling us to do so.
Telling us to accept it via shoving it in our face and forcing it to become
the “norm” is not okay at all. 

jack mufflez says:

hahahahahahah, “or a red smitten!”. Ah I love that man. 

TheCaymanRasta says:

I feel like buzzfeed tries waaaaaaaaaay to hard to be diverse

KuroKitsuneTheYaoiPervert says:

Calm your tits, guys.
Why overacting about couples who have the same thing between their legs?
That´s so important like the fact that I´m on the toilet.. right now.

Kitty Starr says:

I’ve seen the Mickey bootleg tops before. I agree that they are a little
too vulgar. The smitten mittens look cute in a “We would never actually
use them” sort of way.

Rachel Turner says:

First comment 😀 best day of my life.

parlock480 says:

Where’s the two gay guys?

Nick Knack says:

I love how we gays have such power over sexually threatened straight
people. Its a video. There are have been gay humans on earth for centuries
and you all still acting like its the new thing that should be ridiculed.
There are more heteros then homos but they are using different romantic
relationship types for the reviews. No matter how much you deny homosexuals
they are going to be here forever deal with it and move on. Thank you.
P.S. All those products were awful ….

Claire leonie says:

In a Video that(I think) was called ”Guys buy outfits for their
girlfriends” or something like that, the blond skinny woman with the short
hair, said that this one pretty guy with the brown hair has been her
boyfriend for 2 months or so.(That video was posted about 3-8 months ago)
In this video, magically the guy with the brown hair and the beard is her
And in another video that was posted this week, called “guys complement
each other” her “1st Boyfriend”(guy from the outfit video) and her “2nd
boyfriend” (from this video) are brothers.
All the Videos are from Buzzfeed.
So either the woman is cheating really dumb.
Or they are not brothers.
Or they are not a real couple.
Check it out. It’s really interesting… :)

Parker Family says:

A woman’s job is in the kitchen not a sofa. She should listen to every
command a MAN gives her, just as a beast that obeys it’s master. We should
strictly follow the bible because this great country was built on its
foundation. “Colossians 3:18: Wives, submit yourselves unto your own
husbands, as it is fit in the Lord.” ~Richard Parker

China Dee says:

Lol, when I saw the lesbian couple, I knew there was going to be a mini war
between homophobes and gay supporters.

Now, let’s see… Gay supporters: We all have to understand, that even
though gays are supported more, EVERYBODY else doesn’t HAVE to support them
too. Let homophobes be homophobes. If they’re not killing, or hurting
(emotionally, physically) anyone because of their sexual orientation, then
I don’t see anything wrong, live and let live. This isn’t a religion, do
not try to shove you’re beliefs down people’s throat expecting them to
change their minds (pardon me, hehe). This can very easily compare to
religion or race. Personally I don’t like (insert race here)
stereotypically, I don’t go around telling people “why do you like them?!
You need to stop! Just stop it!”

Now homophobes: Though I don’t understand your “fear” of homosexuals, I do
want to say this. Like I said before it’s like race or religion. If I don’t
like a certain race I will not go around killing them, hurting them, etc.
I’ll just live my life and let them live their lives.

I don’t think it’s hard to have peace, even though there are different
beliefs. But then again, there are those…extremists..I think they’re
called, who believe that only their beliefs should be. We are all different
that’s okay, don’t try to change it to “we are all the same.” It’s like
saying being different is bad, but it isnt. It’s when those differences are
used as a reason to hate one another it turns into something.

Now let’s think about that. Hehe this was fun, but peace out!! ✌

KipperTheArt says:

I feel like the fundies were the fluffly version of some kinky bondage
contraption without the leather and chains. 

David Mm says:

I have to say, after watching numerous buzzfeed videos they sure do seem to
go to extra lengths to make sure there are gays, lesbians, and interracial
couples. Hmmm.

Kunal Jadhav says:

Why do they always have to include straight couples?

Randel Kipper says:

Nothings wrong with a little lube or a condom…

bbplayer51 says:

Man Buzzfeed with a straight couple in every episode… drives me insane :P

laurasaurabaws says:

‘I’m not homophobic, but-‘ **goes on to say something homophobic**
*clap. clap. clap.*

Nigel Hornbean says:

I just came here for the crazy comments and I.m not disappointed! 

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