Chef Basket (product review)

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Jack checks out the Chef Basket to see if it’s worth getting. Be sure to join Jack’s new cooking community at: and you might get your recipe put on Jack’s show.


ButtsDongs says:

How constructive.

CannibalGummy Bear says:

Wow that fucking sucked cock.

Benjamin Himes says:

I don’t think I’ve ever thought, “Wow! Cooking pasta is incredibly difficult! I wish I could pay someone to get rid of that difficulty!”

lilpuppy2003 says:

just cook your macaroni then put it in a water strainer

Super711boyswag says:

look jack no lie its petty stupid how you know that that the stuff is gonna fallout but yet you still shake it and move it like you want it to fall out.

yelton7 says:

user error

MakeupwithNikky says:

Jack you added to much Rigatoni, my dad did the same thing till he noticed that and you need a bigger pot.

RoyalCaoCao says:

Not giving negative or positive remarks. But who the hell uses such a big pot to cook pasta?….

Iomegadrive1 says:


flashbak2theyayo says:

what good is a stupid chef basket, if you cant cook a box of pasta, just saying

TheGuinnesstaster says:

y is everyone sayin he used to much pasta look at the ad its about the same that basket is shit

itsdinger says:

What a fuck up hahaha

choco33333333 says:

you put…too much pasta.

himin1 says:

your pot is to big

Veronor93 says:

his pot isnt too big. it won’t make a difference if it’s smaller. there’s too much pasta in the basket. cause only some of it is above the water. it’s probably not good for big families, but for one or two people im sure it would work fine.

hazem hozayen says:

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Reece Adkins says:

I got this and we had a ton of issues with it in a small pot. I stand by his recommendation.

tibbynibby says:

wow. most of the comments are really rude. there are many people who get the just like on tv stuff and of course it’s crap. if you can watch the commercial and still not be able to use a product, the instructions aren’t gonna help. this little basket shouldn’t go into a bigger pot. if it couldn’t do it in the size he’s got, why would it do better in a larger pot? it looks like it can only make a small serving.

DrTrizzle says:

yeah… jack doesn’t seem like the smartest guy. “lol I’m not gonna read directions because I’m a man lol”… ugh

copznrobbas says:

Lol I’ve never seen anyone struggle to drain pasta as much as the lady from that commercial.

Lilypopli says:

I keep watching these reviews, and most of them are terrible.


I bet whenever he goes back to the store to return his stuff there like ” Oh great, there’s the guy who returns everything.”

WeirdBoi8500 says:


goo6 says:

Yeah. Every one of his reviews make him look like a tard.

brian940808 says:

lol some of these reviews are the most frustrating things to watch

brian940808 says:

old copypasta is old

W1llyk1m says:

your the biggest idiot

Majicmilla says:

That is Penne not Macaroni FFS

JaegerjaquezXPantera says:

the problem is in the ad they used the same size pot as the basket

randomsubscriber100 says:

Maybe you have to use use a different pot

Bryce Whitaker says:

you dont have to be a dick about it

JackyThompsen says:


bananakiller21 says:

lies lol XD

JackyThompsen says:

I mean to catch and let them go 😀

bananakiller21 says:

monster :o

IAmSuchANerdLol says:

I agree with you, I can’t make a better ass review of anything.

Mainly because my reviews wouldn’t be ass.

pika207 says:

you need to shut your ‘IAmSuchANerdLol’ fucking ass mouth!!!!! i don’t think you can make a better ass review of the stupid product yourself asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ChantalBieberx says:

Oh dear..

JackyThompsen says:

I’d use it for crabs >:D

Nicholas Chavez says:

bottom line is use the right sized pot, this was like bitching that an ice cube didn’t chill a pool filled with water 

SumtinNotGay says:

he did read the instructions. Idiot. he even said it at 6:05

Kenneth Chan says:

Your pot’s a failure -.-

CornyJokeShow says:

lol 3:05 – 3:08 “rinse your potatoes!” i don’t know why that makes me laugh… lol.

Abteilol says:

good review, just a bad product. like alot ot telemarketed products.

LoverBoyLoveYouBabe says:

hey Jakaatak69 why don’t you reply to your comment? you should remake videos your fans think you did wrong. 🙂 reply please

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