Cars 2 Radiator Springs Play Town Product Demonstration

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New for 2012, this Stow ‘n Go playset recreates the Radiator Springs environment for you kids to enjoy. Check out this detailed review!


srichuwi says:


racegrooves says:


Nay Linn Htet says:

nice vid… 🙂 thanks

jose ochoa says:

this dude just cracks me up !!!!!!!!!

tazzmaniandevilboy42 says:

What is actually inside doc hudson’s racing museum?

Artur Smirnov says:

Buyed my first HW custom motors yesterday!!

Only 17.50

Shmelkable says:

Why am I watching this? I was watching skateboarding videos.

DisneyCarToys says:

Haha, I love it. It’s something I would do.

racegrooves says:

LOL! Sometimes the boxes don’t cooperate =)

DisneyCarToys says:

I love how you just rip open the box. Classic. You crack me up. I will totally watch your other videos.

racegrooves says:

@pajerofan22 Jeff has a little stars and stripes :)

pajerofan22 says:

todd is very cool. i like jeff gorvette and sarge

erives81 says:


racegrooves says:

As far as characters go, I like Mater. As far as the toy cars are concerned, I like Todd The Pizza Planet truck.

pajerofan22 says:

whos your favorite character from cars 2

MultiMichel32 says:


racegrooves says:

There are many people who would like to have props from the scenes in the movie and use them for displays. This is one of the best ones to use as a display. Flo’s V-8 Cafe is another one.

MrShoopdawhoop58 says:

it looks like it belongs in a set though :/

racegrooves says:

Nope, this was the only set released of this nature.

MrShoopdawhoop58 says:

is this a part of a set of these?

Alyssa Bandit says:

I see

racegrooves says:

It might have been blunt or rude but that doesn’t mean that you should engage them. Let them state their opinion. If I think that it is inappropriate, I will remove the comment. Thanks =)

Alyssa Bandit says:

Oh im really sorry i thought it ws rud for somone to say that

racegrooves says:

I don’t allow people to say mean things to other comments. If somebody doesn’t like the playset, they are allowed to say that they don’t like it. I am removing your comment. Thanks for understanding, Mark

ivan reigoza says:

i know

Oliver Bai says:

no offence, but anybody who’s watched a movie in the past 2-3 months should know that….

000roblox says:


MrShadowxtreme says:

Lol, In the future, people will make fun of people that use internet.

000roblox says:

dont make fun of me i play with hotwheels and matchbox :/ there fun


hey mark try the gas pump as a launcher for the car

ivan reigoza says:

there is going to be a new movie called planes like cars but planes

d97044 says:


zaidi isa says:

from the bottom

SuperRockboy101 says:

Wow I mite get this

racegrooves says:

Thanks for watching!

JEHMSZ says:

I’ll get this fer sher

racegrooves says:

This one is great! It makes you feel like you are in Radiator Springs =)

potatofro3 says:

I always liked these fold out sets

thetreejuice1 says:

hate it.

marshbjuneb22 says:

Very cool! I like the bell. Sounds like an old style gas pump with the bell.

racegrooves says:

The ramp is supported by the red door.

5c1Productions says:

I like the set-up but there is no door thing that keeps the ramp up so do it right next time

5c1Productions says:

I like the set-up but there is no door thing that keeps the ramp up

AlexKVideos1 says:

?????? 6:27

AlexKVideos1 says:

spin out!!! 6:13

caseymusician says:

Thank you for this review. I love toys so much.

lighning95000 says:

i want the town sold sepretly

racegrooves says:

I bought the Radiator Springs Play Town at Kmart.

dulcechicaxox says:

where did you get it

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