Apple iPhone 6 Review

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The Verge reviews the iPhone 6, the biggest iPhone yet. How does the iPhone change when the it gets bigger? Read more:…


OriginReviewTv says:

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*Try It You Can’t Lose Nothing, It Works For All Countries.*

Michael Bell says:

….and as expected, the benchmarks prove the iPhone 6 beats the shit out
of the garbage Android flagships once again. Only two cores they say. 2012
specs they say. Suck it Fandroids! LOL

Ethan T says:

this is by no means the best phone on the market.

TheOfficialJesusC says:

Absolutely every feature of this phone is copied of other phone…. and i
mean EVERY feature!! for example spotlight is n exact carbon copy of bing
system + web search on windows phone…

Isaiah Spain says:

Dumbest phone ever made!!! Android for life. The Note 4. LETS GOO!!!!!

Exmerion says:

Still not 1080p? I’ve had a 1080p phone since 2012. 

TheFlyingScotsman01 says:

Can you make phone calls with the iphone 6?

freedomarms2 says:

Lol just a year ago all iPhone users hated big screens. “Can’t get my hand
around it” they said. Now all of a sudden big screens are the best, what

llamaman says:

My 3 year old Galaxy S3 is still a great phone and can take on iPhone 6.
it has a 4.8′ screen and bezels are small making its height smaller then
iPhone 6.Even though iPhone opens some apps a mili second earlier, to me my
S3 is still fast and smooth enough,plus not to mention it is runs android ,
which is open system. There is a notification light, removeable battery ,
sd card and offer way more in areas iPhone 6 don’t.
Android phones since the Galaxy S3 are waaaaaay better then iPhones. Why
dont people realize? 

mirahsan2 says:

But can you use apps side by side in it? Like maybe running Youtube and
Notes at the same time?

HU4ever2191 says:

Wow copying Samsung much?

Manky Ape says:

Androids like the HTC are legos and Iphones are duplos of the phone

Ben7seven7 says:

Thumbs up if you’re going for the regular iPhone 6 (non plus) 

Emperl Arct says:

Holy FUCKITY fuck, that is a cheaper phone, I’m getting it instead of
samsung note 4, or galaxy.

VanillaSnake21 says:

Same exact phone with minor upgrades, still no widgets, still the same
boring, static icons. Apple is playing the brand card, and soon their
novelty will run thin. They are on the verge of a decline, Android is the
new boss.

jay ckb says:

Nice balanced review. Exactly what we should expect from a mature and
saturated market. Be interesting who next innovates in the phone space…

hi im matty says:

iPhones are good phones, don’t know why android users have to get so
butthurt about iPhones when iPhone users don’t even care about their
android phones.

Ben J says:

Two and a half days “heavy use”? Most people report around 3-4 hours of
screen time. You also claimed only to get ” 2 days of light usage ” on the
Note 4.

Ahmed Ihtasham says:

People are so stupid these days. Why buy this overpriced powerless piece of
junk? The hardware is so bad and heck, the iPhone doesn’t even run full
1080×1920 pixels. 

XGamesGameplays says:

looks like they tried to copy the android look pfft -_-

Amir Shezad says:

People don’t get we Apple users crave the simplicity of the user interface
with the quality that harnesses of the phone. We don’t want to be bombarded
with features that either don’t work well or are pointless and just there
as a quantity.

Overall, specs are nothing, look at Apple using 1GB of Ram, while Samsung
mostly uses 2-3GB Ram but yet lags. We want simplicity and user ability, so
stop with the fan boys comments, your just jealous of Apple’s success. 

DLTLLY says:

forgot to mention that the shit bends like a beckham shot.
This isn’t a review, it’s an advert!

KiDxTR3M says:


Should I get the iPhone 6, the HTC One M8 or wait a couple months for the
next gen HTC?


Fabian Brown says:

I got the BlackBerry Passport instead.

AnonymousCowardX says:


Another subtle Apple ad, like it was the first fucking bigger phone on the



dippindotz says:

Don’t like the iPhone? Then don’t watch videos about it.

I love my s5 and nexus 7, but my god is the android fan base so fucking

Phil Macrackup says:

The only “real design flaw”? Take Apple’s dick out of your mouth. How about
the fact that every other damn phone lets you upgrade memory on your own
and doesnt rape you for 100 dollars to double space? Idiot reviewers.

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