145 Citadel Paints – Product Review. Buypainted

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The “official story” is: changing supplier forced GW to change product names and colors, because they are a property of manufacturer. If someone will tell you something like that, please ask him: 1. Do you suggest, that GW employees are so incompetent to not register trade mark of best selling product? (best selling product is – or was – Chaos Black paint) 2. How do you explain, that GW changed the supplier of paints many times always keeping the names of the paints? 3. Where can I buy these paints under their well known names? Supplier has these paints, also has rights to these popular names, so where they are?


catnium says:

so the new paints are shit .. i get it

TheMixEmperor says:

As a former GW manager I can see where your coming from, but your incorrect, games workshop managements see their older more experienced players as a hindrance. Targets for staff are centered around recruiting new customers and selling starter sets, new players spend big money in quick bursts. Where as older players spend small amounts over a larger period improving armies and buying supplies. I’d argue they’re trading short term gains for long term, but that’s why staff get recruitment targets.

TheMixEmperor says:

Another cash generating scheme that screws over their long term customers in favor of new customers, I switched to tamiya and Vallejo years ago, and with plamo uk about to bring out a new range of water based acrylics as well, there really is no reason to stick with games workshop and their expensive and quite frankly lacking range.

Liteasha Mossip says:

There is no point in sticking with citadel paints now, you get more for your money with Vallejo, and I like them a lot better anyways, especially the alcohol metallics. I’m very upset with this change, my color scheme is all screwed up now because scab red and hawk turquoise were changed.

barlimanrob says:

brilliant review. thank you. 🙂

Anton Kutepov says:

I will agree and disagree. It’s true than if you want to paint large armies and have a lot of skill and good eye you will switch to Vallejo paints or other alternatives. But there are lot of wargamers who want to play but do not want to spend much time experimenting on paint techniques and so on. They will be really happy with new painting solutions and they will get better results with them. And hey, there is no need in paint station if you want to paint just one army.

deathjester62 says:

“shrugs” i honestly don’t care about the new paints aside from the tech paints which are very handy

Tokasu1 says:

you are right about the easier solution , and personaly I don’t think I’m gunna waste my money on the new crap, there’s no school like old school 🙂

longdivision0410 says:

I think it’s ridiculous that GW’s done this considering most of the money they make is off of weathered players who have been playing, painting and collective for years. So surely it seems counter intuitive to change their paint line so much, I can understand the name change if there’s copyright infringement or whatever but to change the consistency, coverage and general quality of the paints is just idiotic. Considering they have so much competition with Vallejo and reaper paints.

10000Monkeys says:

I won’t buy the new paints because I refuse to pay nearly 4 pounds for a tiny, piddly bit of standard mini paint I could buy anywhere a lot cheaper and in a better bottle and that doesn’t completely change every few years or so.

Bethelnir says:

Thank you for the indepth look buy a prfessional painter!
Seems we get the same in colors as we did with the new casting material.
The praised new product doesn’t really stand up to the old.

BlackenedJackal says:

Just one of several recent seemingly amateurish blunders by a company that should know better as long as it has been in business. Trying to raise short term profits by developing an inferior product with an increased price. GW is certainly out of touch, not only with its customers, but with the basics of economics. I for one will not be buying any new GW paints…

MrRiothc says:

this video is great!!! you are so right!!!

brutismaximus1 says:

Those layer paints look like crap. I just got the Vallejo model air range which is very thin but the coverage is excellent.

FlyingcarStudio says:

Well Said!!!

abc114able says:

I wish they could have made all the new paints, but kept the old ones as well. I think it’s unnecessary for them to have completely switched. Meh. GW will be GW.

thestupidenchilada says:

I was testing these out on some citadel terrain and found the layer paints needed to be applied in a very thick line. I cannot stand the texture paints because my brushes don’t agree with the paint well. I don’t understand why they changed the name of all the washes either because they seem to be identical to the earlier counterparts…

dakel20 says:

Well.. more reason for me to stick to Vallejo..

samuswolf407 says:


FreewilledAmericam says:

It’s all a matter of taste. I have used these new colors to great effect. That being said I have never been one to use only one line of paint on any model. The only line I stay away from is the Reaper Master Series…tried it and hated it…too chalky and to date they still have too many batches that suffer from inconsistancy.

quangtrunge8k42 says:

Can someone tell me the official website of it?

18F4V says:

Great video, thanks for posting. I think Vellejo is a better quality paint and it’s a far cheaper alternative.

seanthesheep276 says:

Um fine sir at Buypainted, will you be doing a remake of your old tutorials or listing a set of different paints to get the same effect? because i love your videos and the Grey knights tutorials 😀 ! and on another Note: my Favorite brands of paint are Vallejo, Army Painter and P3.

destuctir says:

your local GW manager told you horse shit plays warmachine too im guessing? managers dont get told shit and speaking of which thats all that comes out there moves whenever they claim they do. they changed paints to these crappy ones to make more money because thats all they care about. they changed names because companies like vallejo etc etc were making paints just like theres with names just like theirs so people knew what it would be like. GW care about money and nothing past that. they suck.

AllisterCaine says:

oh, thats shitty i think.

i just remembered that the boltgun metal is better than its vallejo equivalent. and now they have changed their range… man i gotta look up ebay if i might get another pot of boltgun metal…

linikratyo says:

I lol’d when he showed the texture pot of Vallejo xD

jeph goldtblum says:

dat russian voice

MichaelHuntington says:

I will still try out these paints simply because I am new to the hobby. Once I increase in skill however,I will move on to better paints.

pencilpauli says:

To say that the new colours are equivalent to the old ones is bending the definition of teh word “equivalent” imho.
The samples shown in this video show a big difference in colour values, as well as tones.
This will drastically affect the mixing of colours.
I now understand why they changed the names. But to claim as they did that you can use the conversion chart to get the correct colour if you run out in the middle of a project is misleading as far as I am concerned.

troy tabanelli says:

yeah im looking more an more into Vallejo paints now…. i have not used the new GW paints on anything because i have lots of old paint still but once its gone i dont think ill buy GW stuff… everything im reading about them is “blah”…. and let me ask.. was it really so hard to waterdown paint…. ive always done that

TheHeartgoldsoul says:

Gw changed the range because another company claimed copyright on the paint names my local gw manager told me

BluTrilobite says:

The short answer as to why GW has done this: they hate long standing customers and fans of their games. That sounds crazy but more then a few people have noticed a huge shift in GW attitude lately.

Joren Mathews says:

My Layer paints aren’t thin like that. In my experience Base = ultra high coverage, Layer = regular coverage.

dsalonriverside says:

Dude you r way off the new paints r great!!! learn how to paint and stop putting out bad videos with your bad ascent!!!

amitainbar says:

if u need to use more paints to get the same color GW gets more money

Aaron Wolbach says:

Vallejo paints are also less expensive and the Vallejo Game Color line is a very close match to the “traditional” GW paint line.

gazeebo88 says:

It’s going to mess up my chaos army. I have about 40 different colour GW paints that are almost completely gone. So that means I will have to replace my colours mid-army and thus creating slight colour variations within my army. I do not like this. Personally I will probably switch over to Vallejo as they seem to be more reliable and consistent when it comes to their colour ranges.

viper29ca says:

Ditto, switch to Vallejo, problem solved!

jdc4 says:

The soultion is for EVERYONE to switch to Vallejo because they basically make the old paints

Alexander Wilson says:

A good reason why layer is also a waste is because since they’re diluting you’re getting less pigment. Basically they can cheap out on layer paints.

saggyrectum says:

ochre, blue and flesh give more of a hint to the actual colour than baneblade and xv88

Shadeycharacter says:

Was anyone actually disregearding because of the names or was it just a point they were picking on? Me personally, I hate the names, they are not evocative at all. Insert random planet name means nothing, unlike bubonic brown, tentacle pink and the like which meant something outside of a retentive knowledge of the background. As much as I hate the names though it never factored into my judgement of these paints at all. I won’t be getting them which suits me fine, Vallejo = cheaper and superior.

elmohead says:

I don’t understand why people buy these paints. Get some artist quality acrylics. Much better coverage, more pigments, more colours, etc.

CaptCamping says:

I dont know why people keep buying this brand. There are others like Vallejo, P3 and Reaper. Also Army Painter have paints I have not tested.

krom1415 says:

Good review, i would like to see your recommendations for alternative products please.
Also what primer you use in your spraygun 🙂

tendaloin says:

Seems like the texture range was more intended to give texture to small features like armor segments, not a large object like a base. Just basing that on what your video shows of it, never used it myself.

654mjr says:

The paints may be harder to use if your a pro, but for beginners and amateurs they are alot easier to use….i’ve been impressed so far and will continue to use an collect them

654mjr says:

but then by that logic, you must have had a problem with dwarf flesh, ultramarines blue, tausept ocre and necron abyss….just some of the old names!!!!

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